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EIDEmerging Infectious Diseases (journal)
EIDElectronic Identification
EIDEarly Identification (various organizations)
EIDExternal Include Directive
EIDEntry Id
EIDElement Id
EIDEnterprise Id
EIDEvent Id
EIDEndpoint Id
EIDEndpoint Identifier
EIDEducation and Information Division
EIDEnforcement Integrated Database
EIDEmployee Identification
EIDEcological Interface Design
EIDElectronic Infusion Device
EIDExperiment Interface Document (astronomy)
EIDEarned Income Disregard
EIDEnterprise Identifier
EIDElectrically Initiated Device (US DoD)
EIDEvent Identifier
EIDEmpresa de Investigação E Desenvolvimento de Electrónica (Portugal)
EIDEquipment Identifier
EIDEngineering Information Delivery (Boeing Company)
EIDEmbryo Infectious Dose
EIDEgg Infective Dose (testing viruses in embryonated fertilized chicken eggs)
EIDEntity Identification
EIDEnvironmental Improvement Division
EIDElectron Induced Dissociation (mass spectrometry)
EIDEuropean Industrial Doctoral (degree)
EIDEnvironmental Information Documents
EIDElite Infantry Division (gaming)
EIDElectron Impact Desorption
EIDEradication Instincts Defined
EIDEmitter Identification Data
EIDEuropean Institute for the Furthering of Democracy
EIDExpenditure Item Date
EIDEngineering & Installation Division
EIDError Insertion Device
EIDEd Is Dead (Pixies song)
EIDExtremidad Inferior Derecha (Spanish: Right Leg)
EIDEmployment Information Data
EIDEstimated Issue Date
EIDElectronic Instrumentation Division
EIDEmergency Isolation Device
EIDEmotional Intelligence Diversity
EIDEarliest Induction Date
EIDEnterprise Information Database (facilities management)
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Given the importance of emerging infectious diseases, it is surprising that there are few books dedicated solely to this subject.
More than 70 per cent of new and emerging infectious diseases originate in animals, so there are great benefits to merging the collective genius from both sides to address some of the nation's greatest infectious disease challenges.
UK), Hoffman, and Staniland compile 15 essays that examine the sociological issues raised by pandemics and emerging infectious diseases.
World Health Organization defined emerging infectious diseases (EID) as diseases of infectious origin whose incidence in humans has increased in the recent past or is threatened to increase in near future.
The sixth International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases will be held March 16-19, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.
Goldberger has been at the forefront of combating other emerging infectious diseases, and we are grateful he has agreed once more to help tackle another monumental challenge, preparing for pandemic influenza and other future threats.
APHA members are serving as the backbone of APHA's Get Ready campaign, which will help Americans prepare for pandemicflu and other emerging infectious diseases.
A new World Health Organization center opened in Guangzhou, capital of southern China's Guangdong Province, will collaborate with Guangdong's center for disease prevention in monitoring, studying and preventing emerging infectious diseases, China's vice health minister said Tuesday.
Their latest study, reported in the June Emerging Infectious Diseases, focused on rhesus macaques at Swoyambhu Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The 22,000-square-foot facility will accommodate UTSA faculty and graduate students researching emerging infectious diseases.
It also covers global environmental degradation, emerging infectious diseases, assessments of ecosystem health, population displacement for ecological disasters and land use change.
Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) present a particular threat to all health services and are expected to continue to present challenges at unpredictable times and intervals.
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