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EMCBEnvironmental Management Capacity Building (World Bank)
EMCBEngineering/Mines Classroom Building (University of Utah)
EMCBEmerging Market Central Bank (economics)
EMCBElectrician's Mate, Construction Battalion (US Navy)
EMCBExtended Miller-Chang Bound
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If you are a central banker of an emerging market central bank, further dollar weakness would be applauded when you consider the continuous pressure these currencies have faced in recent times.
Emerging market central bank bosses, who fought pitched battles to keep inflation in check during QE1 and especially QE2, have been growling again about what might happen if western governments introduce QE3.
For the emerging market central bank, specific guidelines, benchmarks and objectives are set annually by its board of directors.
A number of emerging market central banks has already lowered rates since the Fed's meeting, such as Bank Indonesia and, reportedly, the People's Bank of China, according to QNB.
That turnaround is entirely down to emerging market central banks selling assets to mitigate the damage to their exchange rates and economies from weaker demand, falling commodity prices, and financial market turmoil.
He said while other emerging market central banks might have to review their current positions, the Philippines had already acted preemptively.
Emerging market central banks are buying dollars, not gold.
Emerging market central banks faced the difficult challenge of managing the complex inflows and outflows of capital that came with global financial turmoil and balancing the need to improve supervision and regulation with the desire to promote growth and investment.
With the US Federal Reserve bank refusing to heed calls from emerging market central banks to halt its 'tapering' program last week, the stage is set for a return to the 'risk-on, risk-off' swings in investor sentiment in global financial markets.
With interest rate hikes seemingly off the table for now, and policy divergence between the CBRT and other emerging market central banks becoming even more apparent, we anticipate the USDTRY cross will drift higher into year-end, towards the 2.
Emerging market central banks that were possibly considering rate cuts in the near future might have second thoughts now.
As inflation crests, we expect emerging market central banks such as those in China and India to continue with their counter-cyclical monetary policies, which will in turn support some expansion in valuation multiples, assuming consensus top-line growth expectations continue to be realised," it added.
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