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Global examples of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases he discussed include dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, and carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, "which is becoming a progressively more serious problem in hospitalized patients," said Dr.
Introduction: The threat of biologic terrorism (BT) requires the public health infrastructure to focus attention on challenges posed by emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Validating real-time approaches to surveillance that can provide timely alerts of epidemics is critical whether the epidemics occur naturally or through a BT attack.
Of note has been the increasing recognition of an environmental component in many if not all of these emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Olden's support of efforts to promote the unity of health and the environment are highly pertinent to effective research aimed at understanding and mitigating these global issues.
The national initiative to create vaccines and drugs that combat emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases stands to be bolstered by a computer database designed to assist biomedical researchers in detecting and exploiting deadly bacteria's weaknesses.
Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are becoming a significant concern among public health officials.
The first part of the book establishes a foundation for the proper understanding of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in terms of their continuously evolving nature.
Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases: the third epidemiologic transition.
In summary, this interdisciplinary conference generated stimulating discussions on various aspects of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Since two SIV viruses were the cause of AIDS in humans, other SIVs can potentially infect humans and cause disease.
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