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EMILYEarly Money Is Like Yeast
EMILYElectronic Membrane-Information Library
EMILYEvery Moment I Love You
EMILYEuropean Mobile Integrated Location System (telecommunications project)
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as far as your friend Emily herself left poor Valancourt when she went with her aunt into Italy.
I was saying so to Emily and Sophia when you overtook us.
Catherine was still unconvinced; but glad that Anne should have the friendship of an Emily and a Sophia to console her, she bade her adieu without much uneasiness, and returned home, pleased that the party had not been prevented by her refusing to join it, and very heartily wishing that it might be too pleasant to allow either James or Isabella to resent her resistance any longer.
Milvain resumed, lowering her voice rather confidentially, "that John would have done more if it hadn't been for his wife, your Aunt Emily.
Cousin Emily has only five boarders besides myself -- four old ladies and one young man.
And what does she do but thank him, and read it over, and point out that while Munster was pledged to deliver all recruits to Morgan and Raff, there was no clause in the document forbidding him from chartering the Emily.
Say we don't understand you," Emily answered, speaking for her schoolfellows; "and you will be nearer the truth.
Seven and sixpence," Emily remarked, looking at her own night-gown and despising it.
In the disposition of the beds, Miss de Sor was placed between Cecilia on the right hand, and Emily on the left.
With widely different destinies before them, Emily and Cecilia had completed their school life, and were now to go out into the world.
Their friends joked about rumours that Emily would marry Cruise, 53.