EMIRAEnhanced Minimum Interference Routing Algorithm
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If neither BDI nor Emira Mehmeti returns the mandate, then we will demand Ermira Mehmeti not to run at the next parliamentary elections," the reaction reads.
All we demand is that those sitting on chairs actually move," said Emira, pointing to the embassy behind her.
share a room at the Emira Hotel in Tunisia Sharm charm.
The best-researched detail may not persuade our imaginations that the African doctor's daughter, the Jewish converso acting as Vatican censor, and the unhappy emira in the harem are people pretty much like ourselves, and this is how, in their time and place and situation, we would have felt and acted.
s Africom Will Hurt Africa," Business Day, February 14, 2007; Ezekiel Pajibo and Emira Woods, "AFRICOM: Wrong for Liberia, Disastrous for Africa," Foreign Policy in Focus, September 6, 2007, available at <www.
Table 2 Sex Age Group Education Occupation No Male 20-29 University Professional Alen Male 30-39 University Professional Emir Male 30-39 Two years post secondary Trades person Jusuf Male 40-49 Two years post secondary Pension Hasan Male 40-49 Secondary Transport Milan Male 40-49 Two years post secondary Hospitality Murat Male 40-49 Two years post secondary Pension Emira Female 40-49 Two years post secondary Manual labour Sanja Female 40-49 Two years post secondary Manual labour Edita Female 50-59 Two years post secondary Clerical work
Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) is intrigued to learn she is a chemistry student and bullies Emira into building a secret lab to make drugs under the guards' noses.
Dubai Media City Bldg 8, Office 415, Dubai, 502040 United Arab Emira
contacting Emira Habiby-Browne at 88A Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
The runners-up were: Session A: Ross McLean, 2nd (UWO), Derek Patenaude, 3rd (UWO); Session B: Andrew Pelling, 2nd (Toronto), Wei Ling Lau, 3rd (Trent); Session C: Irene OviedoLandaverde, Organic (Ryerson), Joey Raheb, Physical (UWO), Shane Miersch, Biological (Windsor); Session D: Andrea Smith, Analytical (Waterloo), Alex Wong, Environmental (Toronto at Scarborough), Douglas MacGregor, Materials (Waterloo); Session E: Matthew Moran, 2nd (McMaster), Emira Vejzovic, 3rd (Toronto).
The family was drawn to the area by Keric's sister, Emira, who had made the journey here two months earlier.