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ECTElectro-Convulsive Therapy
ECTEngine Coolant Temperature
ECTEdge Crush Test
ECTEmpresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazil)
ECTEmission Control Technologies
ECTEarly Childhood Teacher
ECTElectronics Technician
ECTEast Coast Trail
ECTEngineering and Computer Technology (various organizations)
ECTEducational Communication and Technology (various schools)
ECTExperiencing Christ Together
ECTE-Commerce Times
ECTÉcole de Commerce de Tahiti (French: Tahiti Business School)
ECTEntreprise de Constructions Tubulaires (French: Tubular Construction Company; Luxembourg)
ECTElliptical Cross Trainer (health equipment)
ECTEuropean Computer Telecoms (Germany)
ECTEnhanced Condition Table
ECTException Console Template
ECTElectronically Controlled Transmission
ECTEthernet Connectionless Trail
ECTEnterprise Class Teleworker
ECTEnhanced Cluster Tools
ECTExplosive Car Tuning
ECTExplicit Call Transfer
ECTEmission Computed Tomography
ECTExpedia Corporate Travel
ECTEddy Current Testing
ECTECN-Capable Transport (explicit congestion notification)
ECTEuropean Community Treaty
ECTEnergy Charter Treaty (UN)
ECTEastern Cape Technikon (University of Transkei; South Africa)
ECTEthyl Centralite (propellant)
ECTEctoin (molecular solvent)
ECTEnergy, Commodities and Transportation (financial sector)
ECTEnterprise Class Teleworker (Cisco)
ECTElectronic City (India)
ECTEuropean Credit Transfer
ECTElectronic Control Transmission
ECTEast Coast Thunder (online racing league)
ECTÉconomique et Commerciale Technologique (French: Economic and Commercial Technology)
ECTEuropean Central Time (time zone)
ECTÉvasion Club Thionvillois (French travel club)
ECTEnteric Coated Tablet
ECTEcuador Time
ECTEstimated Completion Time
ECTElection Commission of Thailand
ECTError Correction Term
ECTExtrait de Cellules Thymiques (French: Extract of Thymus Cells)
ECTExplicit Congestion Notification-Capable Transport
ECTEnvironmental Control Technology
ECTEscalade Club de Tours (French climbing club)
ECTExercise Control Team
ECTEspace Client Transport (French: Customer Area Transportation)
ECTEmbedded Computer Technology
ECTÉcole Chrétienne Timothée (French: Timothy Christian School; Switzerland)
ECTExpectation-Confirmation Theory
ECTEurope Container Terminus (Port of Rotterdam)
ECTEau Claire Transit (Wisconsin)
ECTEcho Cancellation Technique
ECTEntente Cycliste Tarasconnaise (French cycling club)
ECTElectrode Conductivity Transmitter
ECTEquivalent Chill Temperature
ECTEnterprise Caching Technology
ECTEnvironment Control Table
ECTEmulsion Chamber Technology
ECTPan-European Clinical Trials
ECTExtended Combat Training
ECTEast Chicago Transit
ECTEnvironmental Compliance Team
ECTEquipment Craft Terminal
ECTExchange Carrier Tandem
ECTCentrotemporal Epilepsy
ECTEnlarged Cell Technique
ECTEvaporator Condensate Tank
ECTExtended Coverage Team (various companies)
ECTEngineer Cad Technician
ECTEdinburgh Corporation Transport
ECTElectronic Clearing Terminal
ECTEngineer Center Team
ECTException Call Treatment
ECTEnterprise Complaint Tracking
ECTExplicit Context Tracking
ECTEuro Creative Tours Ltd. (UK)
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Use of fuzzy edge single-photon emission computed tomography analysis in definite Alzheimer's disease--a retrospective study.
A single-photon emission computed tomography scanner then measured how much of the substance attached to receptors throughout the brain.
Through this agreement, HealthTrust member facilities will have access to Life Sciences Core Imaging single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) proprietary products, such as Myoview, Ceretec, Indium-Oxine as well as non-GE Healthcare products, such as MDP, Indium In-111, Thallium chloride and Sodium Iodide 1-123 capsules.
By acquiring this firm, BC Technical expects to further enhance its capabilities in the areas of positron emission tomography - computed tomography (PET/CT) and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT/CT), while also growing the group's nationwide service coverage.
A sampling of topics includes small instruments like gas-filled, scintillation, and semiconductor detectors; the gamma camera; single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT); and positron emission tomography (PET).
Sections cover instrumentation, image characteristics, and quality control issues of small instruments (gas-filled detectors, scintillation detectors, and semiconductor detectors), the gamma camera, single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), and positron emission tomography (PET).
CHICAGO -- Single-photon emission computed tomography may be considered useful in evaluating suspected sequelae from minor traumatic brain injury, but numerous issues must be considered before ordering a SPECT scan in the forensic setting, Dr.
Of the 400 patients who were followed for an average of 22 months, imaging with 2-[beta]-car-bomethoxy-3-[beta]-(4-iodophenyl)-tropane, single-photon emission computed tomography ([beta]-CIT-SPECT) showed greater decreases in presynaptic striatal dopamine uptake in patients on CEP-1347, compared with those on placebo.
Marek reported on an 82-patient subset of CALM-PD patients who underwent single-photon emission computed tomography studies during 4 years of follow-up.
Brain mapping and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) are used by some for this purpose.
Those parameters may be replaced, at least in part, by a new in vivo approach utilizing single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), according to another report in the Dec.