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ETSEducational Testing Service (nonprofit private educational testing and measurement organization)
ETSEmergency Telecommunications Service
ETSElectronic Trading System
ETSEmissions Trading Scheme (UK)
ETSEnvironmental Tobacco Smoke
ETSEngineering (&) Technical Services
ETSEducational Talent Search
ETSEIB (European Installation Bus) Tools Software
ETSElectronic Text Services
ETSEducational Technology Services
ETSEdmonton Transit System (Edmonton, Canada)
ETSÉcole de Technologie Supérieure
ETSEnfermedades de Transmisión Sexual (Spanish: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, aka: STD)
ETSElectric Thermal Storage (heating system)
ETSElectronic Technical Services (various companies)
ETSExtreme Turbo Systems (Vancouver, WA)
ETSÉducateur Technique Spécialisé (French: Specialized Technical Educator)
ETSEducation and Training Standards (various organizations)
ETSEssentially the Same
ETSEye of the Storm (gaming, World of Warcraft)
ETSEducational Technology Support (various organizations)
ETSEuskal Trenbide Sarea (Basque: The Rail Network)
ETSEvangelical Theological Society
ETSEngineering Test Satellite
ETSElectronic Torque Split
ETSEnabler Test Specifications
ETSElectronic Translation System
ETSEuropean Telecommunications Standardization
ETSEnterprise Technical Support (various organizations)
ETSEndoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (surgical procedure)
ETSE-Gov Travel Service
ETSEuropean Treaty Series
ETSEconometric Time Series
ETSEuro Truck Simulator (video game)
ETSElectronic Traction System
ETSEntretiens Territoriaux de Strasbourg (French: Territorial Talks in Strasbourg; Strasbourg, France)
ETSEnvironment, Technology and Society (education)
ETSEnhanced Technical Support (computing)
ETSEuropean Trading Scheme
ETSEuropean Telecommunication Standard
ETSExpiration Term of Service
ETSEpisodic Tremor and Slip
ETSEuropean Test Symposium
ETSEnvironmental Test System
ETSEquivalent Time Sampling
ETSEnhanced Traction System
ETSElectronic Tendering System
ETSEducation and Training System
ETSExecutable Test Suite
ETSExpenditure Tracking System (software)
ETSEstimated Time of Sailing (shipping)
ETSEstimated Time of Separation
ETSEnergy Transfer System
ETSElectricity Treatment System (Indonesia)
ETSEquipping to Share (religious workshop)
ETSEmployment, Talent, and Security (US IRS)
ETSEmissions Tracking System
ETSEnemy Territory Statistics (gaming; Wolfenstein)
ETSEnd Term of Service
ETSEnthought Tool Suite
ETSEmergency Trip System
ETSEmergency Temporary Standards
ETSEndotracheal Suctioning (pulmonary health)
ETSEvacuation Time Study (US FEMA)
ETSElectronic Tandem Switching
ETSExecutive Transition Services (Oregon)
ETSEstimated Time Served (US Army)
ETSExperimental Test Site (White Sands Missile Range, Socorro, NM)
ETSEuropean Telephone System
ETSEmbedded Tool Suite
ETSExtreme Training Support
ETSEmergency Treatment Services
ETSElectric Train Supply
ETSElectronic Translator System
ETSElectron Transfer System
ETSElectronic Transaction Standards (voting)
ETSEngine Temperature Sensor
ETSEscondido Tutorial Service
ETSElite Tactical Sources (Hendersonville, NC)
ETSExtra Terrestrial Spacecraft
ETSEmbedded Trust Services (software)
ETSElectronic and Traditional Dictionaries
ETSEmergency Towing Systems
ETSEnglish Textual Studies (course)
ETSElectric Train Staff
ETSElectronic Transaction System
ETSEnd of Time in Service
ETSElectronic Timekeeping System
ETSEnd Tour of Service
ETSEnhanced Transport Service
ETSExtramural Tracking System
ETSEdinburg Theological Seminary (Edinburg, TX)
ETSExternal Technology Solutions (IT Solutions)
ETSEvaporator Tank System (alternate name for the HLLWE)
ETSElectronic Title System
ETSEstimated Time of Shipping
ETSEntertainment Transportation Specialists
ETSElectronic Test Set
ETSEquinox Transition Study
ETSEuropean Telephone Standard
ETSEmbedded Training Simulation
ETSEuropean Troop Strength
ETSExploitation Technology Symposium
ETSElectronic Telephone Set
ETSEmployee Timekeeping System
ETSEmergency Throttle System
ETSExpressed Tagged Site
ETSEngineering Technical/Test System
ETSExternal Telecommunication Service
ETSEvent Tree Sequence
ETSExtended Tank System
ETSEngine Tracking System (aviation)
ETSEngineered Time Standard
ETSExtreme Transformation System (supplement)
ETSElectronic Test Station
ETSEnlisted Training Strategy
ETSEnron Technical Services
ETSEnhanced Transport Session
ETSEntertainment Television Services, Inc. (Beverly Hills, CA)
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The local and regional leaders are also concerned about the reform of the EU emissions trading scheme.
Criticising European environmental policy is easy to do but the spirit of the emissions trading scheme is to be applauded.
The World Bank highlights that the PMR grant will be another area of support in strategic and key areas complementary to the large donor effort in strengthening Kazakhstan's Emissions Trading Scheme.
We take our role in lowering carbon emissions seriously and as we expand our UK and European network we'll continue to examine and adopt measures to ensure compliance with the emissions trading scheme alongside other environmental practices.
Yes, the EU emissions trading scheme has been put on hold for a year.
1956, the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act, which would similarly prohibit U.
Summary: DUBAI -- Airline passengers facing harsh prospects of a steep spike in travel costs are likely to gain a reprieve as the European Union came under increasing pressure from a global aviation body to defer its controversial Emissions Trading Scheme, or ETS, that became effective on January 1.
EUOs CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme Set to Raise Airfares by 5.
The US is the first to go so far as to pass a law--the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act of 2011--against following the EU's law.
The aviation greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme, which forces airlines to pay for the emissions their planes produce, will increase average UK air fares by "approximately 6% to 7% in the period between 2012 and 2020", Ms Villiers said.
A group of American and Canadian-based airlines and airline associations is challenging an EU emissions trading scheme which includes even non-EU aircraft in rules designed to curb aviation pollution.
In Australia's most sweeping economic reform in decades, the government will tax the nation's top 500 polluters at A$23 per tonne of carbon before moving to a market-based emissions trading scheme in 2015.