EMMITEuro-Mediterranean Medical Informatics and Telemedicine (conference)
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So we achieved Ray's weight but then, I didn't want Emmit to be overweight.
NB: Fargo is on Channel 4 on Wednesday, 10pm Ewan as EMMIT
When I play Ray, I feel totally like Ray, and when I play Emmit, I feel totally different.
7 November 2014 - UK security blinds and emergency lighting systems producer Emmit Plc (LON:EMT) said on Friday it was in talks to take full control of local water treatment companies Ximax Environmental Solutions PLC (XES) and Ximax Oil & Gas Solutions (XOG).
The first credibly documented folding bike was designed by Emmit Latta and patented in 1888.
Kellan and Ashley play Emmit and Alice Cullen respectively, the siblings of main character, vampire Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson.
the Congress declares, let's exhume Emmit Till and ask him,
Emmit Furner, one of the military chaplains, asks the crowd, "Do we know what it means to proselytize?
Captain Emmit Furner, a military chaplain, said to the gathering.
Prop Nick Fozzard remains a long-term absentee but 19-year-old forward Jacob Emmit is included.
On their first day at high school, best friends Ryan (Troy Gentile) and Wade (Nate Hartley) lend a helping hand to bullied loner Emmit (David Dorfman) by saving him from psychotic Filkins and his henchman Ronnie.
Beleaguered trio of hopeless physical specimens consists of tubby Ryan (Troy Gentile, Jack Black's younger self in both "Nacho Libre" and "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny"), who fancies himself the world's greatest white rapper; brainy string bean Wade (Nate Hartley); and shrimpy Emmit (David Dorfman, "The Ring"), who gloms onto the two buddies when Wade misguidedly intervenes with the thug who stuffs Emmit into a locker on the first day of school.