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Working with emotionally impaired children in foster care provides many clinical challenges.
Heads Up provides therapy to physically, mentally or emotionally impaired children.
This evaluation report of the Family to Family Program assesses parental attitudes towards their Family to Family experience and the functioning of their emotionally impaired children.
The first section identified the preservice teachers' expectations for learners in three school settings on nine dependent variables: curriculum, discipline, parental support, child abuse, mentally and emotionally impaired students (MI & EI), gifted and talented students, motivation, feelings of comfort with students, and feelings of safety in the community.
Richard Nixon was the most emotionally impaired of the presidents I have considered.
Such testimony often took the form of a personal statement by the defendant; favorable testimony about his character from family members, friends, or ministers; evidence that the defendant had been abused as a child, or was mentally or emotionally impaired.
Donna LaMar, a psychologist and psychotherapist who has worked extensively with emotionally impaired children, also counsels adults who have transcended painful childhood experiences.
In the course of conversation, it also comes out that I'm not a certified teacher," adds Hartung, a teaching assistant for the emotionally impaired in the Jackson Intermediate School District.
The Family to Family program provides relief to families with emotionally impaired children through regular out-of-home respite care with host families.
Be the subject playground discipline or fighting privatization, "your comfort level is a higher" when you're trained on the issue by a fellow school support staffer, says Marcy Hartung, a teacher assistant for the emotionally impaired in Jackson, Michigan.