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EMDEmergency Medical Dispatching
EMDEmotionally Disturbed
EMDElectro-Motive Division (division of General Motors)
EMDEmerging Market Debt
EMDEmpirical Mode Decomposition (signal processing)
EMDEnvironmental Management Division
EMDEarnest Money Deposit
EMDExecutive Managing Director (various organizations)
EMDEmerald Downs (est. 1996)
EMDEngineering Manufacturing Development
EMDEngineering and Manufacturing Design
EMDEmergency Management Division
EMDEmery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy
EMDÉquipements des Métiers de la Défense (French: Equipment for Careers in Defence)
EMDEmergency Medical Dispatcher
EMDEstrela Mountain Dog (breed)
EMDExact Match Domain (computer algorithm)
EMDEmergency Management Director
EMDElectronic Miscellaneous Document (International Air Transport Association standard)
EMDEngineering and Manufacturing Development
EMDE-Mail Database
EMDError Message Decoder
EMDElectronic Media Distribution
EMDElectro-Muscular Disruption
EMDElectronic Monitoring Device
EMDEnhanced Metal Detector (security screening device)
EMDElectrolytic Manganese Dioxide (active cathode material in alkaline batteries)
EMDE-Money Directive (EU)
EMDEffective Management Development (course; various locations)
EMDEstado Mayor de la Defensa (Spanish: Defense Department, Guatemala)
EMDElectronic Music Distribution
EMDElectromechanical Dissociation (now Pulseless Electrical Activity, PEA)
EMDEnergy Management Division
EMDEnhanced Multilayer Deposition (telescopes)
EMDÉcole des Mines de Douai (French engineering school)
EMDEuropean Magazine Distribution (Germany)
EMDÉcole Municipale de Danse (French: Municipal School of Dance)
EMDExcel Meridian Data (est. 1992)
EMDEat My Dust
EMDElectric Motor Driven
EMDEquilibrium Mode Distribution
EMDE-Mail Directory
EMDElectron Momentum Density (solid state physics)
EMDElectron Momentum Density
EMDEntry Monitor Display (US NASA)
EMDEmerald, Queensland, Australia - Emerald (Airport Code)
EMDE. Merck, Darmstadt (Germany)
EMDEngine Manufacturer Diagnostics
EMDElectromagnetic Discharge
EMDEducation Management Development
EMDEngineering Manufacturing Design
EMDElectric Mobility Device
EMDEngine Model Derivative
EMDEticketing Mobile Device (Amtrak)
EMDElectro-Mechanical Delay
EMDElectronic Map Display
EMDExtrinsic Message Degree
EMDEffective Miss Distance
EMDElectromagnetic Manufacturing Development
EMDElectronic Map Data
EMDElectronics Maintenance Detachment
EMDÉmission de Moteur Diesel (French: Emission of Diesel Engine)
EMDEkonomi Muhabirleri Dernegi (Turkey)
EMDEngine Monitor Display
EMDEstimated Maximum Demand
EMDElectromagnetic Defense
EMDEmployment Manning Document
EMDEliminate, Move, Digitise (Business) (What to do with non or low value added activities GE Capital)
EMDElectromagnetic Digitizer
EMDExpendable Media Device
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* Emotionally disturbed children should receive services within the least restrictive, most normative environment that is clinically appropriate
At the same time he was devoted to his work; he cared very much about the patients and students and about the counselors who worked with him; he hoped to influence mothering and child rearing in a positive way, and he tried to offer humanizing perspective to the care of emotionally disturbed people.
Suppose, for example, that the least restrictive environment for an emotionally disturbed student is the regular class and that such a setting requires the team-teaching of both a trained teacher who deals with the entire group including the emotionally disturbed student and a teacher certified in the area of emotional disturbances who provides the emotionally disturbed student(s) with an appropriate education in the LRE?
Im emotionally disturbed. We started calling him 'the total entertainer' even from his Spindle days.
She reviews the literature on art therapy, mental health, and spirituality, and its impact on assessment and treatment, then examines the use of the Belief Art Therapy Assessment (included on the accompanying DVD) to evaluate the spiritual dimension of a patient, its use with clergy and adult artists, spiritual art therapy in the assessment and treatment of emotionally disturbed children and youth in residential treatment, a case illustrating its use with a suicidal anorectic bulimic, and the application of phototherapy in mourning and loss issues, ending with discussion of the search for meaning, the effects of 9/11, and her own exploration of mourning and loss.
Erickson Gomez Brito, 21, of Brooklyn, was said to have been emotionally disturbed, and was killed by police officers Andris Bisogno and Jennifer Garcia on Nov.
As more emotionally disturbed people land at the top of the news these days in acts of violence, it seems to me we need the experts at Droste and other such agencies to keep offering help.
Most people have to deal with traumatic events at some point in their lives, and, for some, these can produce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), leaving them emotionally disturbed long after the event itself.
A former youth program supervisor faces a mandatory prison term after he admitted Wednesday to sexually abusing three boys, at least two of whom he met while working at a local treatment facility for emotionally disturbed children.
Authors Browning and Stover, previously research psychologists at the Children's Treatment Center in Madison, Wisconsin, explores behavior modification techniques used in treating emotionally disturbed children in controlled experimental settings.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly ordered refresher training on dealing with emotionally disturbed people.