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EDFEnvironmental Defense Fund
EDFElectricité de France
EDFEuropean Disability Forum
EDFEdifício (Portuguese: building; postal usage)
EDFEuropean Development Fund
EDFEarth Defense Force (game)
EDFEducation Development Fund (various locations)
EDFElectric Ducted Fan
EDFExecution Diagnostic Facility
EDFEuropean Developer Forum
EDFExternal Described File
EDFEuropean Dermatology Forum (est. 1997)
EDFExtended Depth of Field (algorithm)
EDFEarliest Deadline First
EDFExpected Default Frequency (finance; credit analysis; Moody's KMV)
EDFEducational Foundations
EDFErbium-Doped Fiber
EDFEmpirical Distribution Function
EDFExport Development Fund
EDFElectric Drinking Fountain
EDFEuropean Data Format
EDFEnterprise Data Fabric (computing)
EDFEating Disorders Foundation (various locations)
EDFEnlisted Dining Facility (various armed forces)
EDFEnvironment and Development Foundation
EDFElectronic Discussion Forum
EDFEuropean Dystonia Federation
EDFAnchorage Elmendorf AFB (airport code, AK)
EDFEritrean Defense Force
EDFEritrean Development Foundation (Washington, DC)
EDFEnterprise Documentation Framework (US DoD)
EDFEarly Departure Fee (hotels)
EDFElectronic Document Filing (legal software)
EDFEngineering Data File
EDFEngineering Design File
EDFEarth's Defence Force (freeware game project)
EDFEmployee Data Form
EDFECS Development Facility
EDFEmergency Decontamination Facility
EDFEngineering Development Facility
EDFElectric Dream Factory
EDFElectronic Design Fixture
EDFEngineering Design Fixture
EDFEnd Upstream Data Flow
EDFEngineering Design Format
EDFElliptic-Disc Filter
EDFEffective Direct Fire
EDFExecutive Dining Facility
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Model of empirical distribution function of the number of defect-free control as a function of length of Weibull distribution: 1--empirical distribution function [F.
where F(x) is the joint empirical distribution function of the empirical distribution function sequences for each performance function and C([([F.
Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness-of-fit [lambda]-test results showed that for the sections having the rut depths greater than 20 mm, the empirical distribution function of speed before rutting removal does considerably differ from that after rutting removal.
Q-Q plots are used to analyze distributions by comparing theoretical distribution functions to empirical distribution functions.
To test this hypothesis, the data on grades in the form of the variable, x, are used to construct the empirical distribution function.
The Empirical Distribution Function with Arbitrarily Grouped, Censored and Truncated Data.
He discusses simulation modeling briefly and quickly dismisses it as not very useful, except perhaps in the sense of using bootstrap methods to estimate the moments of empirical distribution functions.
Four functions (the normal, lognormal, gamma, and Weibull) were fit to empirical distribution functions from a computer-administered test, and the various functions were evaluated to determine which described the empirical distributions the best and provided the most useful parameters for storing in an item bank.
The test is constructed using empirical distribution functions only; no underlying theoretical distributions are considered.
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