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If there is no agreement within a prescribed period following the employee request, standard information and consultation provisions will apply (SICP).
This year Navy Federal expanded its program both to commemorate the program's 15-year anniversary, and to accommodate a record-breaking number of employee requests. From now on, the program will distribute 100 grants, for a grand total of USD 100,000 in donations yearly.
AJ Answer: In the event that the employee requests that his employer keeps his passport for safety reasons and to avoid loss, the employee has the right to demand a receipt, or any other paper signed by the employer, as proof that his employer has received his passport.
* Communication after an employee requests leave: This is also referred to as the "interactive process." Employers must engage in the interactive process after a disabled employee requests leave, or additional leave, for a medical condition.
A relatively newly-hired and pregnant female employee requests two months of leave due to pregnancy-related medical complications.
That new tuition program would require employee requests for tuition reimbursement to go before a committee, and any request that includes costs more than $5,000 would be split 50-50 with the requesting employee.
The employee requested the government review the charges to make healthcare affordable for all, in addition to providing insurance cover to all ministry employees "With this fee hike, we too are being affected badly and have to pay up from our pockets," said the employee.
Their new vacation scheduling module is designed to automate the entire employee vacation management process including employee requests. Now clients can create a work schedule program that allows for optimal use of available resources and aligns corporate and employee objectives.
Resource groups or affinity groups are employee requested and formed to provide support for any subset of employees from racial minorities to those who are physically or developmentally disabled.
* Sixty-nine percent of respondents indicate that employee requests for assistance retrieving deleted e-mails limit IT staff productivity.
The employee requested a court order prohibiting her employer from accessing her e-mail account during any future absences without her explicit consent but was unsuccessful.
In the first half of 2011, the call intake system has processed more than 400 employee requests. In their initial complaints, employees reported an average discomfort of 6.7 on the scale of 1 through 10; after their evaluation and follow-up, these employees reported an average discomfort of just 1.5.
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