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E2EEntry to Employment (UK Government training)
E2EEnd To End
E2EEngineer to Engineer
E2EEmployee-to-Employee (enterprise software)
E2EExchange-to-Exchange (DoD)
E2EEnterprise to Enterprise
E2EEnrolment to Employment (INTI International Education Group)
E2EEnvironment-to-Environment (multimedia)
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The SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer will allow customers using SIP to seamlessly speech enable their corporate directory, thereby facilitating employee-to-employee communication.
The company is implementing AskMe's award-winning knowledge sharing technology to facilitate employee-to-employee collaboration and increase information exchange that helps drive organizational productivity.
Our vision for an E2E, or employee-to-employee information exchange is unprecedented.
Long-term, Bates is considering desktop videoconferencing for real-time employee-to-employee interactions worldwide.
And we're applying it to our employee-to-employee and work-group-to-work-group relationships inside the company to improve our products.
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