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EGHPEmployer Group Health Plan
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Since large employer group health plans are not required to provide an EHB package, the ACA does not directly mandate that these large group plans comply with the federal parity requirements.
Most employer group health plans must pay fees to help fund reinsurance for insurance companies as they transition to covering high-risk individuals without adjustments for pre-existing conditions.
Employer group health plans for people entitled to Medicare solely on the basis of end stage renal disease
Employers are not required to provide this notice, nor is it a substitute for any required COBRA notice or other information required by law to be furnished to participants or beneficiaries in employer group health plans.
Employer group health plans are required to have an external review process for appeals of coverage determinations and claims that meet certain standards (effective January 1, 2011; applies to newly created health plans).
32 billion, including coverage by Medicare and other payers, such as employer group health plans.
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