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EOREnhanced Oil Recovery
EORExporter of Record (shipping)
EOREnd of Record
EOREmergency Operating Room (various locations)
EOREnd of Report
EOREnd of Round (gaming)
EOREnd of Row
EORExclusive or
EOREthernet over Rpr
EOREssence of Recovery (alcoholism website)
EOREuropean Organization for Research
EORElectric Orbit Raising (satellites)
EOREye of Round (meat)
EORElement Occurrence Record (biotics)
EOREngineer of Record
EOREarth Orbit Rendezvous
EOREnd of Run (US Postal Service)
EOREnd of Range
EOREnd of Rant (e-mail, newsgroups, etc.)
EOREnd of Run (Oil Refining)
EOREast of the River
EOREnd of Runway
EOREqual Opportunity Representative (US Army)
EORExplanation Of Review
EOREnte Operador Regional (Spanish: Regional Operator Entity)
EORExplosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
EOREmployer of Record
EORÉlève-Officier de Réserve (French: Cadet Reserve Officer)
EORElement Of Resource
EOREpping-Ongar Railway (UK)
EORExclusive Or Gate
EORExpertise et Optimisation Retraite (French: Expertise and Optimization Retreat)
EOREvidence of Receipt
EOREnd of Retransmission
EOREngage on Remote
EOREmmons & Olivier Resources, Inc (Oakdale, MN)
EOREnd of Ramp
EORExplanation of Reimbursement (medical insurance)
EORExplosive Ordnance Recognition
EOREnterprise Organizational Readiness
EOREnterprise of Responsibility
EOREngage Order Remote
EOREffective Operational Radius
EOREquipment Operational Readiness
EOREquipment Operationally Ready
EOREnd of the Road/Route
EOREastern Ontario Regiment (Canada)
EOREngineering Order Request
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As a result of pressure from the ground through grassroots, political mobilization, in 1992, the state passed legislation allowing each county to be able to create a public authority (an agency that would act as the employer of record and would manage the funding for the program under the auspices of the county government) and also secured $800 million in federal funds for homecare through Medicaid.
We become the employer of record and take the burden of managing those employees .
The IRS considers the PEO to be the employer of record and, as such, liable to pay trust fund, income and unemployment taxes.
In Maine, a quasi-governmental group known as the Maine Career Advantage serves as a broker between schools and businesses, taking care of all work-based learning matters from student placement to acting as the employer of record for workers' compensation and other types of insurance.
the lack of an employer of record for purposes of collective bargaining with whom providers could negotiate over wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment and to whom providers could address work-related grievances; and
In reality, once Sherri and Allen Atkins found out that the fund even existed, they then had to go to court to prove that Michael Bennett was Christi's so-called employer of record and that it had been his responsibility to provide Christi with workers comp insurance.
A city agency, the Minneapolis Employment and Training Program, actually hired the job-seekers and served as a type of "temp' agency, or employer of record, for the workers during their 60-day probationary period.
Under this co-employer agreement Alliance HR becomes the employer of record, assuming responsibility for payroll processing and payroll taxes, as well as the liability for worker compensation and unemployment claims.
PEOs provide dual employment relationships, whereby clients control day-to-day activities, but the PEO becomes an employer of record for employee administration purposes.
Even if you work for a variety of companies on short-term assignments, your employer of record, the temp agency, reflects the cumulative time, giving you a stable work history.
Some have even formed a cross between traditional staffing companies and outsourcing companies called professional employer organizations, which became the employer of record for a company, handling all the personal issues, according to Jim Watson of People Works in Little Rock.
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