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It restricted the allowable tax-deductible contributions to IRAs for individuals who participate in an employer-sponsored pension plan and whose income exceeds a specified threshold.
Less than 40 percent of the labour force has an employer-sponsored pension plan.
Contributions to a traditional IRA by a high-income taxpayer may not be deductible under IRC section 219(g) if the taxpayer participates in an employer-sponsored pension plan.
If you have an employer-sponsored pension plan or your own RRSP, you may want to designate your partner as your beneficiary.
Statistics provided by the Employee Benefit Research Institute in Washington show that the number of employees covered under an employer-sponsored pension plan rose from 67.
Because most independent contractors are self-employed and, therefore, not likely to be covered by an employer-sponsored pension plan, the tabulations for pension coverage in table 5 include a category for tax deferred savings accounts such as individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's) and Keogh plans.
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