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According to the Employment Protection Legislation (EPL) index of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Japan and Korea share very similar institutional characteristics of employment protection.
The stylised facts presented in the paper support the model's predictions for OECD countries: (i) active labour market policies coupled with higher replacement rates and a lower degree of employment protection legislation go hand-in-hand with the unemployment rate; and (ii) a higher tax wedge, especially if combined with a higher minimum wage is positively correlated with the unemployment rate.
The degree of employment protection is measured by the OECD employment protection legislation (EPL) index.
Moreover, restrictions to the adjustment in the number of workers (such as restrictive employment protection legislation and costly dismissal rules) tend to be more costly for smaller firms.
Cross-country analysis points to labour market policies such as high and long-lasting unemployment benefits, high tax wedges and strict employment protection legislation as important factors contributing to long-term unemployment (Bassanini and Dural, 2006; OECD, 2006a).
Employment protection legislation (EPL) makes dismissing workers on standard employment contracts relatively difficult and expensive in France.
In this case, easing employment protection legislation can encourage adjustments towards the technological frontier.
Essentially, the authors focus on cash transfers through social insurance and social assistance--with references to employment protection legislation and taxation--but there is little emphasis on services in kind especially education and training provision, and also, crucially, childcare.
Nor does it remedy agricultural workers' exclusion from most forms of employment protection legislation in Ontario.
Employment protection legislation requires employers to give prior notice of termination, giving those facing redundancy an early start with job search.
These included the duration of joblessness after job separation, the extent of employment protection legislation, the unemployment benefit replacement rate and the extent of collective bargaining coverage.
Concern over the adverse employment consequences of employment protection legislation is a recurring theme in labor market analysis.
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