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EBGCEast Bay Green Corridor (Berkeley, CA)
EBGCEuropean Basal Ganglia Club
EBGCEast Brighton Golf Club (East Sussex, England, UK)
EBGCEmployment-Based Green Card
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Cotton's claims, the RAISE Act actually would reduce the number of skilled immigrants because it cuts the number of family-sponsored immigrants, diversity visa recipients, and refugees while maintaining the same number of employment-based green cards.
The legislation calls for reforming fees on H-1B visas and employment-based Green Cards and use money from these fees to fund a grant program to promote STEM education and worker.
law, employment-based green cards (for permanent residence) are limited to 140,000 in a fiscal year.
One bill that seemed to have a decent chance at passage was sponsored by Republican Senator John Cornyn in 2007 and would have removed caps on employment-based green cards for workers with advanced degrees.
As of October, the Department of Homeland Security was still processing employment-based green card applications filed by Mexicans in 2000 and earlier.
Australia, a country of 22 million, hands out nearly as many employment-based green cards for permanent residence each year.
(50) Of these 140,000 employment-based green cards, only 10,000 are available for members of the defined Population, (51) and that number is substantially diminished by imposition of the per-country limits.
Technology companies are pleading with Congress to boost both the number of visas available to companies that want to bring in skilled foreign workers and the number of employment-based green cards given to high-tech foreign workers who want to stay here.
They are required to do a "labor certification" for employment-based green cards. And H-1B regulations say that employers must make a "good faith" effort to hire American citizens.
In other words, the president wants to cut back on family petitions, and focus more on a point system for skilled employment-based green cards.