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EBCTElectron Beam Computed Tomography
EBCTEmpty Bed Contact Time (liquid phase carbon application design variable)
EBCTEmpresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Portugese: Brazilian Mail and Telegraph Company)
EBCTEvaluation Brigade Combat Team
EBCTEuropéen Bowling Club Thionvillois (French: European Bowling Club Thionville; Thionville, France)
EBCTExperimental Brigade Combat Team
EBCTExtended Battlefield Contact Team
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In the pilot study, the series-operated system using 2 1/2 minutes of empty bed contact time (EBCT) each in the lead and lag vessels provided the best overall performance.
In most cases, an empty bed contact time (EBCT) on the order of five minutes is sufficient for removal of sulfides to non-objectionable levels.
A generally accepted detention time or empty bed contact time (EBCT) for BAC treatment is 10 minutes.