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where [[omega].sub.e] = [W.sub.e]/[W.sub.0] is the empty-weight fraction with [W.sub.e] the aircraft empty weight, whereas [[omega].sub.f] = [W.sub.f]/[W.sub.0] is the total fuel fraction, [W.sub.f] being the weight of the fuel burnt over the entire mission.
where [X.sub.C] is the coordinate of aircraft center of gravity, [M.sub.e] is the aircraft empty weight, [X.sub.e] is the coordinate of aircraft center of gravity with empty weight, [M.sub.if] is the total weight of internal fuel, [X.sub.if] is the equivalent coordinate of internal fuel, [M.sub.ef] is the external fuel weight, [X.sub.ef] is the coordinate of the external fuel plug, [M.sub.ew] is the weight of external weapon, [M.sub.ew] is the coordinate of external weapon, [M.sub.s] is the total weight of the current aircraft.
In (2), [W.sub.f]/[W.sub.to] is the fuel weight fraction and [W.sub.e]/[W.sub.to] is the airplane empty weight fraction.
"The weight of the engine parts now in existence stands at 37.2 tonnes which is 39% of an estimated completed empty weight of 96 tonnes.
Digestive tract of the experimental groups is presented in Table (6) cleared that dietary treatments had no significant (P > 0.05) effect on empty weight and % of slaughter weight for stomach, small intestine large intestine and total digestive tract.
Cabin baggage empty weight itself is 3-4 kg and then what can (we) keep inside for another 3kg.
The details to be mentioned on the cylinder are the name of the manufacturer, name of the importer in case the cylinder is imported, quality mark of Esma, maximum operating pressure, serial number of the cylinder, type of gas used, empty weight, capacity and year of manufacture.
For example, for a tipper trailer (head and trailer) whose empty weight is 25 tons driven with single axis of 8 tons, double axis of 21 tons and triple axis of 32 tons, the gross weights of the axles will be 61 tons.
The trailer's empty weight is lighter than West Coast-style models, Talbert Mfg.
Average daily gain of empty body, carcass and non-carcass components and its weight proportions (Percent) relative to empty weight at the end of feeding restriction and realimentation phases are shown in Table 1.
It has a magazine capacity of seven rounds and an empty weight of 12.5 ounces.