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EMUSExpressivity in Music and Speech
EMUSElectromagnetic Ultrasonic Testing
EMUSEnvironmental Management in the US (academic track; University of Guelph; Ontario, Canada)
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There may be some help of this paper in the EMU circulation scheduling problem while a given task in the train diagram can be completed with fewer EMUs and lower maintenance costs.
Emu is a flightless and a native bird of Australia.
Australian road officials have proposed building underpasses beneath the east coast Pacific Highway so a population of endangered flightless emu can safely cross one of the country's busiest roads.
Reports of successful reproduction and survival of free-ranging emus suggests that this species has potential to colonize and invade habitats occupied by native species.
SUPERMARKET staff used shopping trolleys to encircle an emu outside the store, police said.
"A clear advantage of the EMU is that it can be done now--well before sophisticated genomic and proteomic approaches become widely available--and begin to benefit patients with a wide variety of environmentally induced illnesses."
She said they were thrilled to have become one of the first farms to have produced an emu chick in a natural environment.
Australian farmers and ranchers also have had to find ways to get along with emus. Years ago, people tried to kill off the big birds because they trampled and ate crops.
Researchers of Medical Physiology at the University of Saskatchewan have found that the oil, when applied to post-operative wounds, promotes healing, while the Department of Pathology and Microbiology at the University of Prince Edward Island's Atlantic Veterinary College has discovered that emu oil reduces auricular inflammation in mice.
Even product animals like emus may eventually be slaughtered for no reason, if the supply increases while the demand stays limited.
Unlike other exotic animals, the emus have a lot of commercial product potential.
Flightless species like the ratites - which include ostriches and emus, while penguins are another flightless bird but are not part of that same class - diverged from other prehistoric birds more than 100 million years ago.