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EMYSEast Metro Youth Services (Toronto, Canada)
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Bacteriological screening of Trachemys scripta elegans and Emys orbicularis in the Po plain (Italy).
The hope is that expressive robots like Emys would be able to become part of some people's lives in a way that currently only other humans or possibly pets can.
Presently, the modern species Emydoidea blandingii is the subject of much discussion, as some would combine this taxon with the Old World genus Emys (see Parham & Feldman 2002).
The second of Richard's plates, Emys nigra, accompanied Edward Hallowell's i859 "Report Upon Reptiles of the Route.
NNEX 2 SYSTEMATIC LIST OF REPTILE SPECIES: DANAU SENTARUM NATIONAL PARK AND NEAR-CATCHMENT SURROUNDS TESTUDINES ORDER/ Local FAMILY/ Name Species (i) (Lan- guage) (ii) TESTUDINIDAE Manouria emys Baning (I) EMYDIDAE Orlitia borneensis Biuku (I) Siebenrockiella crassiscollis Kura-kura Jaung (I) Cuora amboinensis Kura-kura Tambit (I) Cyclemys dentata Kura-Kura Air (I) Hoesemys spinosa Kura-kura Umung (I) Malayemys subtrijuga - Pyxidae mouhottii - TRIONYCHIDAE Amyda cartilagenea Labi-labi Sungai Dogania subplana Labi-labi Hitam Pelochelys bibroni Labi-labi Kuning Chitra indica Labi-labi Besar Trionyx gangeticus CROCODYLIA CROCODILIDEA Crocodylus raninus Buaya Kodok Crocodylus porosus Buaya Rabin Tomistoma schlegeli Buaya Sinyulong SAURIA AGAMIDAE Draco sp.
SCUD ha sido reportada en tortugas de los generos Apalone, Trionychidae, Pseudemys, Trachemys y Emys (Barten, 1996; Jacobson, 2007).
Manouria emys phayrei: success at keeping and breeding the little-known Burmese brown tortoise.
Determination of temperature sensitive stage for sexual differentiation of the gonads in embryos of the turtle, Emys orbicularis.
In the meantime, additional material is available from the Walter Heck collection (Oberleichtersbach) which enables the revision of Emys tuberculata Portis, 1882, a species of previously uncertain status which was assigned to Palaeomauremys Hervet, 2004 by HERVET (2004) and KARL & WETTLAUFER (2010).
Growth of algae on the turtle Emys blandingii, Copeia, 1953:61.
Starting with his monograph of the Testudines, Schweigger (1812) described the first three toadheads, Emys geoffroana, Emys nasuta and Emys gibba.