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10-17En Route (police code)
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00 en route from Mozambique to South Africa seized at Lebombo Border Post.
But for unknown reasons, the party-bound vehicle-which was en route to a wedding shower in nearby Foster City-burst into flames on the San Mateo Bridge, just south of San Francisco.
MART-IN POLE POSITION: Kaymer en route to 70 yesterday
More than 13,000 undocumented Cuban migrants reached the United States or were intercepted en route during fiscal 2012, which ended Sept.
Pantomime stars Danny Adams and Clive Webb also met the girls en route to celebrate.
They have partnered with Mumbai-based, En Route Media, who are the sole providers of this distinct medium of advertising in the country.
Auto Business News-October 19, 2011--Volkswagen AG collaborates with En Route Media(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) is the system that provides the vital en route patient care during transport between echelons of care, and includes emergency medical interventions to improve patient outcomes, for example, improved prognosis for recovery and/or minimization of potential disabilities.
En route flights - transiting between Europe and North America and the majority of which do not land in Ireland - increased by 2.
The company's economically regulated provider of en route air traffic services, NATS (En Route) plc, will be funding GBP37.
In addition to providing aviation weather products developed at its own facilities, NWS also provides on-site staff at each of FAA's en route centers--the facilities that control high-altitude flight outside the airport tower and terminal areas.