EnEVEnergieeinsparverordnung (Germany: ordinance on energy saving in buildings)
ENEVEstimated No-Effect Value
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Compliant with the German energy-saving regulation, the EnEV 2009, the ST Flex Green is a very sustainable and reliable interior set-up and entrance solution designed to match with a building's overall appeal.
Enev confirmed that the forces of the Ministry of Interior are fulfilling their duties and will continue to do so until the closing of polling stations at 7 pm, and the transportation of ballot boxes.
Commissar Enev confirmed tha the delays in opening were caused only by roads blocked by snow, and not by any election violations.
Enev also has a taste for the mysterious or surreal ending, necessitating more than one reading to try to get a grip on the story (though, very often, rereading made the codas no clearer).
Enev also has a strong lyrical streak, which the poet Kassabova renders beautifully: "Suddenly her face shrivelled up and darkened like burning paper.
Enev has said that at a later stage the plant could employ technologies and assembly lines developed by Bulgarian companies.
s) : At the plrrer 43 location in nuremberg, The skyscraper completed in 1953 and the two adjoining components with a total gross floor area of 17 400 m are to be refurbished in the emptied state, Taking into account existing listed building regulations and applicable enev requirements.
Approximately surface area of 6,380 square meters - thermal insulation composite system according to enev 2009 including facade paint.
30 m2 foiling galvanized sheet steel mineral wool insulation alukaschiert according to enev approx.
As energy-related target agreement, The lower energy consumption of enev 2014 with requirements from january 1, 2016 (enev 2016) will be 20%.
insulation on heating and cooling lines with regard to enev, Condensation water and fire protection (approx.