EnEVEnergieeinsparverordnung (Germany: ordinance on energy saving in buildings)
ENEVEstimated No-Effect Value
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Enev confirmed that the forces of the Ministry of Interior are fulfilling their duties and will continue to do so until the closing of polling stations at 7 pm, and the transportation of ballot boxes.
Commissar Enev confirmed tha the delays in opening were caused only by roads blocked by snow, and not by any election violations.
Enev also has a taste for the mysterious or surreal ending, necessitating more than one reading to try to get a grip on the story (though, very often, rereading made the codas no clearer).
This has been announced by Encho Enev, a Bulgarian consultant to the British investor, as cited by Darik Radio.
To realize a highly energy-efficient new building compliance with the ENEV 2014 incl.
Energetically, the building comply with the requirements of ENEV 2014th
17 400 mA in the emptied state are remediated taking account of existing conservation requirements and applicable EnEV requirements.
apply the standards of the state capital of Hanover for school canteens and the Energeti-rule requirements ENEV 30% for existing buildings as well as the passive house standard in new buildings.
The entire building is to build according to the criteria of the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2014 valid from 01/01/2016 characteristics plus the requirements of a KFW 55 house.
It is participation in the FES program Munich Building Standard (roughly equivalent KFW70 / ENEV 2009) provided and in accordance with requirements of the FES promote LH Munich.
Manufacture and supply a turnkey condominium for about 130 refugees, power without establishing, developing and grounds comply with the ENEV 2014 + EEWEnrme-law