EnKFEnsemble Kalman Filter
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Moreover, given inherent uncertainties in hurricane prediction, we will also need to develop probabilistic forecasting strategies including--but not limited to--the use of sufficient ensemble size and sufficient model resolution for ensemble prediction systems initialized with flow-dependent initial condition uncertainties that are also generated from the advanced ensemble data assimilation techniques, such as the EnKF used in this study.
The NCEP GFS is the operational NCEP global spectral numerical forecast model (and its associated ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) hybrid data assimilation system providing the initial states) based on the primitive dynamical equations for fluid dynamics and a suite of parameterizations for atmospheric physics.
[31] to build an archive of essential geologic features called sparse geologic dictionaries from thousands of static reservoir models using K-SVD and calibrate reservoir models with the dictionaries using EnKF. One drawback of K-SVD is its large size of sparse geologic dictionaries.
It is worth noting that the performance study between the EnKF and other filters, mainly the PF, has been performed by many authors in different fields especially for nonlinear stochastic filtering problems (e.g., [24, 25]).
A continued focus on integrated workflows between geological modelling, simulation, the forward modelling of seismic and history matching - a workflow common to both proxy based and EnKF type methods.
In our approach, the model error and observation error covariances are inserted directly into the minimization problem instead of randomly perturbing model states and observations as in EnKF. New ensembles can be efficiently generated directly from the LBFGS covariance approximation without explicitly constructing the large covariance matrix.
Stensrud, 2015: Assimilating surface mesonet observations with the EnKF to improve ensemble forecasts of convection initiation on 29 May 2012.
Wurman, "Tornado maintenance investigated with high-resolution dual-Doppler and EnKF analysis," Monthly Weather Review, vol.
Given the randomly produced LBCs, common physics and dynamics across all members, and ICs drawn from equally likely states provided by EnKF analyses, the NCAR ensemble forecasts conformed to the principle of equal likelihood (3) and to our knowledge represented the first formally designed, year-round, real-time CAE spanning the entire CONUS.
Several studies have demonstrated that the performance of EnKF was better than 3DVar in global- to mesoscale DA [17-20].
5) 3DVAR versus EnKF data assimilation strategies--The core, caps-enkf, and ncar-enkf subsets were compared.