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EC/DCEuropean Centre for Digital Communication (International Institute of Infonomics)
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Matrox Mura IPX Series is an award-winning new line of 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards that let OEMs and AV system builders deliver advanced security video wall controllers and surveillance operator consoles featuring high-quality, low-bitrate, multi-channel 4K or HD encoding and decoding over standard IP.
Built on Renesas' popular SuperH 32-bit RISC superscalar architecture, SH-Mobile devices offers compelling functionality such as the JPEG, MP3, acoustic echo canceller, AMR codec, MPEG4 encode/decode and Java Virtual Machine capabilities that are essential for supporting the high-end multimedia applications of next generation mobile phones.
Designed to enable OEMs to easily and cost effectively create a wide range of next-generation digital entertainment products, the fully programmable Blackfin eMedia Platform blends Analog Devices' low-power, high-performance Blackfin Processor with software algorithms and interfaces to encode/decode today's leading audio/video standards, including Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series, to multiplex media streams including packetization and jitter buffering, and to manage digital rights protocols.
While other jukebox encode/decode products rely on either PC processors or fixed function DSPs, the Darwin utilizes the EP7312-90's market specific design to precisely address the jukebox's processing needs," said Lew Paceley, vice president of marketing for Crystal Products Division, Cirrus Logic.
The current approach provides an API for a thin ISUP parser to encode/decode ISUP messages.
Like Medio MVision, Medio DVision is based on an advanced algorithm that allows Medio DVision to provide simultaneous encode/decode on high-end PCs.
Dolby E-encoded audio can withstand the multiple encode/decode cycles required in TV audio production and distribution, and its frames match video frames for smooth, glitch-free edits.
Simultaneous encode/decode of broadcast quality video is key for the DVR market," said Patrick Henry, vice president of marketing and system solutions for C-Cube's Home Media Division.
RAVISENT is formally introducing its first-ever PC Digital Video Recorder (DVR) offering simultaneous encode/decode capabilities.