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(b) Hypnogram from the entire night illustrating the sleep stages; W: wakefulness, R: REM, N1-N3: non-REM sleep (stage 1- 3), Sp[O.sub.2]: oxygen saturation, and EtC[O.sub.2]: end tidal carbon dioxide.
End tidal oxygen (ETO2), although falling, continually remains in all patients above normal through the re-breathing.
Ventilatory adjustments were done for end tidal C[O.sub.2] levels above 55 mmHg or haemodynamic changes attributable to elevated C[O.sub.2].
(1) Since that time, use of end tidal C[O.sub.2] (EtC[O.sub.2]) monitoring in critical care has become increasingly common.
Ventilator monitoring (Twin Stream, Carl Reiner GmbH) consisted of peak inspiratory pressure (PIP), mean airway pressure (MAP), positive-end expiratory pressure (PEEP), inspiratory oxygen concentration (Fi[O.sub.2] jet), the ventilated patient's oxygen concentration (FI[O.sub.2] AW), intermittent end tidal C[O.sub.2] (etC[O.sub.2]).
Initial intraoperative diagnosis of air embolus is based on hypotension and decreased end tidal C[O.sub.2].
In the end Tidal Bay, despite a mistake at the last fence that saw him drag his frame in slow motion to the other side, burst the Flemenstar Gold Cup bubble and let some of the air out of Sir Des Champs' festival hopes too.
Is the end tidal partial pressure of isoflurane a good predictor of its arterial partial pressure?
Dave Hanson, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNS, AACN president, gave the keynote speech, "Reclaiming Our Priorities," and a breakout session, "Updates on Cardiovascular Therapies." Jane Leske, APRN-BC, PhD, recipient of the 2007 AACN Pioneering Spirit Award, presented "Standards, Guidelines and Bundles: Implications for Evidence-based Practice." Christine Schulman, RN, CNS, MS, CCRN, immediate past chair of the Research Work Group, spoke on "Inducing Hypothermia to Optimize Neurologic Outcomes," "Emerging GI Considerations in Critical Care" and "End Tidal CO2 Monitoring."
For example, it may include a table showing which anesthetic agents were used or a graph (as shown in Graphic B) showing blood pressure (Artsys, Artm, and Artdia), heart rate (HR), oxygen saturation (O2SAT), and end tidal carbon dioxide levels (EtCO2, which is a strong indication of the efficiency of oxygen exchange in the lungs) during the period in which the patient was anesthetized.
Minimum requirements of cardiopulmonary polysomnography include EEG leads to do sleep staging, ECG to correlate oximetry to heart rate, and prompts to monitor nasal and oral airflow and rate of end tidal carbon dioxide.