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EOATEnd of Arm Tooling (robotics)
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The six-axis Fanuc robot is equipped with end of arm tooling to handle a label, a moulding and a static discharge device.
A full line of FDA-approved, translucent silicone 1-vacuum suction cups for a range of end of arm tooling in food handling and packaging applications is available from Anver Corp.
The end-effector is the end of arm tooling that grips the workpiece, usually by means of grippers, suction or magnetics.
A low cost palletizing system combines a robot with a set of conveyors, end of arm tooling, pallet stand and software.
Custom-designed end of arm tooling is flexible enough to grab and pack various-size objects, including boxes, bags, bundles, bales, cans, bottles and jars.
If an operation id producing several components with similar characteristics, the robot may not require additional end of arm tooling (EOAT), resulting in cost savings.
There is a hollow wrist mechanism at the end of the arm where pneumatic and electrical services to the end of arm tooling can be routed; internally carried services are better protected from chaffing or twisting, they assure us.
According to company officials, the 3-D printed models have been used to speed up the molding process by using them for design review, quality inspection, product fixtures and end of arm tooling.
Mouldshop will also be showing Tooling Components from Progressive Components, Machine Nozzles from Muller Mekaniska, End of Arm Tooling Products from AGS, Mould Sprays and Purging Compounds from Chemtrend and Cooling Products from Ermanno Balzi.
The custom designed End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) is flexible enough to "grab" and pack various size objects, including boxes, bags, cans and bottles.