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EOSIEnd of Service Indemnity
EOSIElectro-Optic Sensor Interface
EOSIElectro-Optical Systems Inc.
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5 percent of the monthly wage to three NSSF funds: maternity and health, family allowances and the end of service indemnity.
The statement argued that the ceiling imposed on the salary raise aimed to freeze salaries and is the culmination of previous policies like reducing the end of service indemnity and salary retirements to teachers from 100 percent to 85 percent of the basic salary.
Summary: BEIRUT: The UN and Lebanese groups praised Wednesday Parliament's decision to grant Palestinian refugees wider rights to employment and the end of service indemnity while Israel welcomed the law as a step toward the naturalization of refugees.
On Tuesday, the parliament ratified a draft law allowing Palestinians to work in Lebanon after obtaining work permit for free, along with granting them access to end of service indemnity provided by the UNRWA.
Based on the proposal, UNRWA would continue to provide Palestinian refugees with medical and maternity care while the National Social Security Fund would cover the end of service indemnity and also family compensation.