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This is probably because of our technique of excising the edematous and infected end of stoma before end to end anastomosis is carried out.
In non-gangrenous cases, only derotation may be performed in high-risk with a volvulus-preventing procedure, like mesosigmoidoplasty, sigmoidopexy, or mesocoloplasty followed by bowel preparation and elective resection with end to end anastomosis.
In 20 (40%) patients where gut was viable, manual reduction was done along with appendicectomy, while in 30 (60%) patients limited resection and end to end anastomosis was done as portion of gut had become gangrenous in 25 and perforation occurred during manual reduction in 5 patients.
Traditionally end to end anastomosis has had a wider following especially with its extended" variation.
In our patients multiple strictures in ileum needed resection and end to end to end anastomosis.
Aninch JW at el 1997) The reason behind the high success rate is total excision of stricturous segment and periurethral fibrosis with good vascularity of two urethral ends with tension free end to end anastomosis.
Resection of jejunum containing GIST and end to end anastomosis of jejunum done.
5, 6 If it is causing mechanical obstruction due to stricture then resection and end to end anastomosis is done followed by ATT.
The past experience thus suggests that if the cause of PFUDD are managed by supra-pubic catheterization initially followed by urethroplasty after 3 months by excision of the strictured segment and end to end anastomosis, then the short term outcome turns out to be good.
The whole of Meckel's diverticulum with the strangulated part of ileum was resected and end to end anastomosis was performed in 2 layers.
Wide resection of the stricture with adequate normal margin followed by end to end anastomosis was done.
The distal mass could not be "milked" in either direction, so approximately two feet of ileum was resected on either side of the masses including strictures and end to end anastomosis was done (Fig 3).