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They provide a standard methodology to write the kinematic equations of a manipulator or end-effector.
This method gave the transformation of a section of the continuum robot between the base coordinate frame and the coordinate frame of the end-effector by multiplying five D-H transformation matrices.
In the Open state, the robot will move the end-effector to a position suitable for manipulating the door handle; autonomous fine-tuning of the end-effector pose for grasping and turning the handle is achieved by visual-servoing using the depth camera on the wrist; the motion planner executes a trajectory for appropriate action to open the door (pull or push); and finally, the robot releases the door handle, and blocks the door from closing using its other arm.
By this assumption, it is reasonable to consider that the sliding joint between contact surfaces acts as a fixed joint and therefore we may assume that arm 1 and end-effector k are a united part in a new object-manipulator system during the successful cycle k.
Since the manipulators are devices that replicate the movements of the person's hand, the use for their trajectory planning biomechanical criteria contributes to reproduce the end-effector movements that are similar to movements of the hands.
Then, the configuration (position and orientation) of the end-effector in SE(3) ( or SE(2) in the case of a planar manipulator) of a serial robot with n-joints can be expressed by a vector of [[theta].
End-effector component materials should have high heat resistance, since these robot parts interact with high temperature castings as they exit the die.
A common specifying error is to omit the weight of the end-effector and associated cabling when calculating payload.
A manipulation task is usually given in terms of a desired end-effector trajectory.
The prototype consists of a manipulator, an end-effector, a machine vision system, a mobile vehicle, and an information processing system.
CPI's expertise in end-of-arm tooling expand application solutions within De-Sta-Co like its BodyBuilder end-effector.