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ESRPExchange Solution Reviewed Program (Microsoft)
ESRPEmergency Services Routing Proxy (software)
ESRPEndangered Species Recovery Program
ESRPEastern Snake River Plain
ESRPEmployer Sponsored Retirement Plan
ESRPEldora Special Recreation Program (Boulder, CO)
ESRPEcosystem Services Research Program (US EPA)
ESRPExtreme Standby Routing Protocol (Extreme Networks)
ESRPEquipment Service Repair Program (phones)
ESRPExercise Scenario Resource Portal (NATO)
ESRPEscola Secundária Raúl Proença (Portuguese: Raul Proença Secondary School)
ESRPEmployee Stock Retirement Plan
ESRPEnvironmental Satellite Receiver Processor
ESRPEstuarine and Salmon Restoration Program
ESRPEgypt Swiss Radiology Project (Cairo, Egypt)
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Harry McQuillen is chief of the Endangered Species Recovery Program in the Sacramento, California, Fish and Wildlife Office (harry_mcquillen@fws.
Designing and managing successful endangered species recovery programs.
Small-scale innovations like this could be initiated at any level in any of the hundreds of endangered species recovery programs now underway.
Using these examples, we illustrate the benefits and utility of adopting the decision seminar in endangered species recovery programs.
Endangered species recovery programs require collaboration and effective problem solving among participants--government agencies, landowners, conservation organizations, industry groups, resource users, and others.
Even apparently technical problems may have unrecognized organizational biases because of the high uncertainty and wide decision-making latitude characteristic of endangered species recovery programs (Yaffee 1982; Clark 1989).
Values and attitudes towards endangered species in general, the ESA, and endangered species recovery programs are also important.
Endangered species recovery programs face many challenges; chief among them is the implementation challenge.
Those involved in endangered species recovery programs often face extremely complex situations as they tackle the nuts-and-bolts work of saving species.
endangered species recovery programs involving captive breeding concerning the human dimensions of their programs.