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Endotoxin concentrations are reported as endotoxin units (EU) per milligram of particles where 10 EU is equivalent to 1 ng of reference standard endotoxin.
Geometric means of airborne endotoxin concentrations were computed for each work area in endotoxin units per cubic meter (EU/[m.
Averaged over 24 hr in Malawian homes, median concentrations of total inhalable endotoxin were 24 endotoxin units (EU)/[m.
Thorne and Duchaine (2007) tabulated data on endotoxin levels in a wide variety of industries and home environments, which indicated geometric mean (GM), inhalable fraction, personal exposures of 12-8,300 endotoxin units (EU)/[m.
Endotoxin exposure is high for workers in these industries, and several large-scale studies suggest that the mean exposure varies between a few hundred up to 15,000 endotoxin units (EU)/[m.
2001a) demonstrated that, after controlling for cockroach allergen, lower respiratory illness, smoking during pregnancy, lower birth weight, maternal asthma, presence of dog, and race/ethnicity, exposure to an elevated level of endotoxin in settled family-room house dust [[greater than or equal to] 100 endotoxin units (EU)/mg] during the first year of life is associated with a marginally significant increased risk of "any wheeze" [relative risk (RR) = 1.
Rockville, MD; 1 ng EC5 and EC6 = 10 endotoxin units (EU)] available at the time the assays were performed, by simultaneous assay of the control with the reference or with a control traceable to assay with the reference.
Sample concentrations were reported as endotoxin units (EU) per milliliter of eluant, EU per milligram of dust, and EU per cubic meter of air collected.