ENEEEmpresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (Spanish: National Electricity Company; Honduras)
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Losier is touching in "O reine, sur nos pas une sanglante trace," her diction perfect, voice ringing, but alas the queen is the dowdy chief of staff and Enee, her patient.
La ENEE se vio obligada a comprar energia termica a proveedores privados y a traspasar a la empresa privada la lectura de medidores de consumo de energia electrica.
L'erudit reatin y declare que Dardanus et Enee avaient transporte ces divinites, le premier, de Samothrace en Phrygie, le second de la en Italie (Varro sane rerum humanarum secundo ait Aenean deos penates in Italiam reduxisse, quaedam lignea uel lapidea sigilla ...
Est-ce que les herbes sur lesquelles Enee a la chance d'atterrir toujours vivant sont d'un verdatre maladif comme un glaucome oculaire?
Dans un episode popularise par la peinture, Enee dut porter sur ses epaules son pere Anchise afin de le sauver de la ville en flammes, puis partit dans un long voyage qui l'amenera a terme a faire naitre ceux qui fonderont la ville de Rome.
Ormat said that on completion of the transaction it will become the owner of all project assets, including wells, land and necessary permits to develop a geothermal project, adding that the rights to a field where previous exploration work has been conducted and a Power Purchase Agreement for up to 35MW with the national utility of Honduras, ENEE, is included in the project.
Dutchman Van enee had hinted he hand the captaincy mile Aldama, the born triple jumper as competed for three countries.
Influences of temperature, photoperiod and rearing density (individuals raised in isolation or in a group) on reproduction have been demonstrated in several pulmonate species, including succineids (Enee et al.
Lobo also announced a review of conditions inmates live under in the country's prisons and ordered the state-owned Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica (ENEE) to check the electrical system in each jail, "because that could be one of the causes of the fires."
(5) These include the privatization of telecommunications (Hondutel), the privatization of electricity distribution (ENEE), the privatization of water and sewer management, and the privatization of port facilities and the issuance of airport concessions (IMF and IDA 2000, 10).
The state electric utility, ENEE, is losing an estimated $300 million a year, primarily because the rates it charges its customers do not cover costs.