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ENEMExame Nacional do Ensino Médio (Portuguese: National Secondary Education Examination; Brazil)
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Geekie learning products have demonstrated improved learning outcomes -- Geekie Games' active users improved simulated ENEM test scores by 30% over their initial assessment after using the platform.
no ensino medio (Tabela 4), o indice de relacionamento entre o primeiro grupo de variaveis e o segundo grupo e de 0,715, ou seja, os fatores sociais e economicos conseguem explicar 51,2% dos indices de aprovacao, nota do ENEM, indice de reprovacao e indice de evasao.
Two months of touring supporting Milburn and The Enem, they took a break to record their first three singles with producer Steve Lilywhite (famous for his work with Morrissey and U2) before embarking on a jaunt with The Coral.
4) Os resultados do ENEM, aplicado em 2006, que representam o desempenho de 2,7 milhões de participantes, demonstram que eles atingiram, na prova objetiva, a média 36,90 e, na redação 52,08.
He made enem ies in high places more easily than friends.
His immediate instinct was to dredge up the old scapegoat trick: blame ill fortune on your enem ies, all those "sinners," as a way to gain advantage over them.
Griff's recently published BBC anthology of comic verse boasts a rich mix of recognised classics by Lewis Carroll, Hilaire Belloc, Edward Lear and others alongside contemporary rivals such as Clive James (his wonderfully waspish poem, The Book Of My Enem y Has Been Remaindered), Michael Rosen, Spike Milligan, and Brian Patten's cheeky Hair Today, No Her Tomorrow.