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ENCOAEnergy Company of America (Houston, TX)
ENCOAEuropean Non Commissioned Officer Academy
ENCOAEnemy Course of Action
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This chart helped provide a running estimate to develop the situation, as well as ideas on the current enemy course of action.
For example, in a group exercise the weak officer volunteers to brief the weather while the strong officer briefs the enemy course of action. Although this may be comforting at the time, the officer who briefs the weather leaves the course without the confidence that he or she can succeed when truly put to the test.
Enemy The BCT S-2 or his designated representative briefs Situation the enemy situation and the enemy course of action (COA) in order to depict the situation for combat service support (CSS) executors.
In my opinion, the CBRN officer should work with the brigade intelligence staff officer (S-2) to ensure that the enemy use of chemicals is accurately portrayed in enemy course of action development during intelligence preparation of the battlefield.
Most of the doctrine refers to using historical improvised explosive device (IED) data to determine the most likely type and location of device and the most likely enemy course of action. However, in the Army's next conflict, historical data may be unavailable and units may have to plan clearance operations with inaccurate or incomplete information on the IED threat.