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EBElectronic Warfare Bomber (US military aircraft designation)
EBEditorial Board (various locations)
EBElectronics Boutique
EBEddie Bauer
EBExecutive Board
EBEbay (auction website)
EBElectron Beam
EBEat Bulaga (Philippine TV Show)
EBEncyclopædia Britannica
EBElectronic Business
EBErnie Ball (guitar maker)
EBEarly Bird
EBEmployment-Based Immigrant
EBEnforcement Bureau (FCC)
EBEnvironmental Biotechnology (various schools)
EBElectric Boat
EBEmployee Benefit(s)
EBExabyte (1,024 Petabytes)
EBEarthbound (video game)
EBelectronic beats (music festival organized by T-Mobile)
EBEnvironmental Benefits
EBEnterobacteriaceae (microbiology)
EBEttore Bugatti (sports car pioneer)
EBEnergy Per Bit
EBEclipsing Binary (class of variable star)
EBElectronic Banking (European cash management by Dolfe and Koritz, Wiley, 1999, p15)
EBEast Bound
EBEmbryoid Body
EBEuroBonus (SAS frequent flyer program)
EBEast Berlin
EBEthylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (solvent)
EBEnergy Blast (gaming)
EBElementary Body
EBElektronische Berichterstattung (German: Electronic Reporting)
EBEarly Bronco (vehicle)
EBExecutive Body
EBEyecare Business
EBError Block
EBElectricity Board
EBEarly Booking (travel industry)
EBEntity Bean (Enterprise JavaBean)
EBEuropa Barbarorum (gaming modification for Rome: Total War)
EBEarl Boykins (NBA Player)
EBEconomic Botany
EBEnergy Balancer
EBEnlistment Bonus
EBEconomic and Business Affairs (Dept of State Bureau)
EBEnd Box
EBEncyclopedia Brown (Young detective of the famous stories)
EBExchangeable Bond
EBElectronics Box
EBExponential Backoff (algorithm)
EBEvening Bulletin (Philadelphia newspaper)
EBEvent Builder
EBEmployee Bonus
EBEthiopian Birr (currency)
EBErstbezug (German: first occupancy new)
EBExtension Box
EBElectronic Bible
EBEpidermylosis Bullosa (skin condition)
EBElectronic Bonding
EBEphraim Brasher (colonial goldsmith and coin minter; mint mark)
EBEnglish Basketball
EBElectronics Bay
EBEquipotential Bonding
EBError Burst
EBEquipment Bay
EBEmu Bitter (Western Australian beer)
EBEast Bakersfield High (Bakersfield, CA)
EBEfficiency Bandwidth
EBEmergency Bulletin
EBEurobricks (Lego bricks fans forum)
EBEmissions Balancing
EBEntitlement Bitch (customer service slang)
EBEquipment Builder (engineering)
EBExpendable Booster
EBExtended Backbone
EBSemipostal Special Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
EBElectrode Boiler
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It ends up unexpectedly for Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), a telepath and telekinetic, who should've died in an inescapable situation-but the already formidable heroine not only survives the brunt of a deadly energy blast; her powers are boosted manifold, to her and her teammates' surprise.
Newly upgraded Berry Awake is a proprietary blend of green coffee berries extract, guarana seed extract, bacopa leaf extract and ginseng that delivers natural energy with a powerful blend of superfruits for an energy blast that lasts for hours and features an added boost of energy from 2,000 mg of pea protein.
He believes he was injured in an energy blast from an alien craft - then taken aboard, where alien beings saved his life.
Morton asserts that "it is known that most spiral galaxies have a massive black hole at their center, and that at its poles, two enormous fountains of energy blast forth that can be seen across the universe.
RESCUED Dan Snow boats that escaped Calais WORRIED Spanish airport crowds yesterday ENERGY BLAST Stunning electricity of volcano
The second half seems ill-conceived, yet as a series of set-pieces, Jerry Springer The Opera is a high energy blast of filth and fury.
He believes he was injured in an energy blast from the craft - then taken aboard, where alien beings saved his life.
The energy blast would be lethal for life on Earth, but there is no danger as the jets are moving in a completely different direction to our home.
Medical experts and researchers took a while to catch up on the initial frantic high energy blast of 'E' into youth culture.
- Ultron is quite a powerful supervillain with his heightened strength, stamina, as well as flight and energy blast abilities.
It shook buildings, collapsed a roof, and sparked an energy blast of 470 kilotons.
-- she boasts the ability to shoot powerful energy blasts from her fists, and is more than happy to make use of them as a soldier caught in a war between the militaristic alien Kree and their shape-shifting enemies, the Skrulls.