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EDSElectronic Data Systems Corporation
EDSExplosive Detection System
EDSEvent Driven Scheduling
EDSElectronic Data Systems
EDSEconomic Development Strategy (various locations)
EDSElectrostatic Discharge Sensitive (electronics)
EDSEconomics and Decision Sciences
EDSEssential Dental Systems (Hackensack, NJ)
EDSElectronic Design and Solution (trade show)
EDSEarly Detection System
EDSExcessive Daytime Sleepiness (sleep-disorder term)
EDSEpiscopal Divinity School (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
EDSEnte Dello Spettacolo (Italian cinema organization)
EDSEssential Day Spa (skin care forum)
EDSEnergy Dispersive Spectroscopy
EDSEducation Data System (software)
EDSEvolution Data Server (software)
EDSEngineering Design Specification
EDSElectronic Data Sheet
EDSElectron Devices Society (IEEE)
EDSEconomic Development Solutions (various organizations)
EDSEnvironmental Defence Society (New Zealand)
EDSÉquations Différentielles Stochastiques (French: Stochastic Differential Equations)
EDSEvent Driven Software (various organizations)
EDSÉchelle de Sédation (French: Sedation Scale; health)
EDSExplosive Destruction System (munitions destruction)
EDSEnqueuer Dequeuer Scheduler
EDSElectronic Diesel System
EDSExchange Domain Server
EDSEvolution Data Server
EDSEuphoria Database System
EDSExtended Data Service
EDSElectronic Differential System
EDSElectronic Data System
EDSEnhanced Dialled Services
EDSEnhanced Definition Synthesis
EDSEngineering Data Set
EDSExtended Download Service (software)
EDSEvery Day Survival (forum)
EDSEnergy Dissipation System
EDSExecutive Development Seminar (various organizations)
EDSEnergy Dispersive Spectrometer (attachment for scanning electron microscope for chemical analysis)
EDSEarth Departure Stage
EDSElectronic Design Services
EDSEducational Development Service (UK)
EDSElectrical Distribution Systems
EDSEducational Specialist Degree
EDSEspace Départemental des Solidarités (French: Area of Department Solidarity)
EDSEgg Drop Syndrome
EDSEuropéenne de Spectacles (French: European Spectacles)
EDSElection Data Services
EDSÉcole Départementale de Spéléologie (French: Caving School Department)
EDSEuropean Desalination Society
EDSEnterprise Development Services
EDSEnvironmental Data Service
EDSElectrostatic Decontamination System (chemical and biological weapons)
EDSEpiscopalian Diocese of Santiago (Philippines)
EDSEuropean Democrat Students
EDSElectronic Delivery System
EDSElectronic Data Submission
EDSEdinburgh Depression Scale
EDSEmbedded Diagnostic System
EDSElectronic Display System
EDSElectronic Differential System (automotive technology)
EDSExternal Debt Statistics
EDSEntreprise Desbois Savigne (French construction company)
EDSElectronic Documentation System (US Government, DIRSSP)
EDSEspace Digital Sporadique (French digital art association)
EDSEmployee Development Specialist
EDSExtended Data Services (automatic time signal for VCRs)
EDSEquity Default Swap
EDSEuropean Digestive Surgery (est. 1995)
EDSEnglish Dialect Society
EDSEmergency Disconnection Sequence
EDSEnglish Debating Society (various universities)
EDSElectrodynamic Suspension
EDSEmployee Development System
EDSEurope Distribution Service (France)
EDSEarth Data System
EDSEngine Diagnostic System
EDSEngineering Data System
EDSEasy Dispersible Silica
EDSElectricité de Strasbourg (aka Es, French energy provider)
EDSEmergency Detection System
EDSEngineering Data Systems
EDSEuropean Distribution System
EDSElectron Dispersion Spectroscopy
EDSEmotional Doll System (Megatokyo game)
EDSEhler's Danlos Syndrome
EDSEngineering Design Simulation
EDSExchangeable Disk Storage
EDSEducational Development Specialist
EDSEnterprise Database System
EDSEuro Dismantling Services Ltd (UK)
EDSEngineering Demonstration System
EDSElectronic Discount Sales (retail store)
EDSExecution-Driven Simulator
EDSElica Deep Silence
EDSEstimated Date of Separation
EDSÉcole des Sports de Garches (French: Garches Sports School; Garches, France)
EDSEstimated Date of Start
EDSEP/EO Determination System
EDSElectronic Documents and Signatures Law 2005 (telecommunications law, Macao)
EDSExempt Determinations System (IRS)
EDSEquipment Decontamination Station
EDSElectrical Distribution Subsystem
EDSÉclaireurs du Sénégal (French)
EDSEdit and Decommutation System
EDSEmergency Deorbit System (NASA)
EDSEntreposage de Déchets Solides (French: Solid Waste Storage)
EDSEmergency Disconnect Switch
EDSEarly Drop by Span
EDSExcel Driven Solutions
EDSEncapsulation Database System
EDSExcess Disposition System
EDSExternal Designation System (military targets)
EDSExamination and Decontamination Services
EDSEpisensor Downhole Seismometer
EDSEnd of Dependable Service
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Contract notice: analytical (scanning) transmission electron micsocope ((s)tem) + energy dispersive spectrometer (eds) + electron energy loss spectrometer (eels)
The elements in prismatic layer and nacreous layer of Haliotis discus hannai Ino shells were analysed using Energy dispersive spectrometer.
The former, using the taken macrographs and a profile projecter that allows measuring the quantity of the adhered material and the latter, by means of techniques of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) in order to verify the alterations of the tools geometry.
The surface of the clogging residue was examined with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and a light optical microscope (LOM).
The DRV-2000-W is an interface between a 486 computer and any SEM, energy dispersive spectrometer, or wavelength dispersive spectrometer.
Our research used a scanning electron microscope equipped with an x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer.
Contract notice: Analytical (scanning) transmission electron micsocope ((s) tem) + energy dispersive spectrometer (eds) + electron energy loss spectrometer (eels)
With this severe limitation imposed on utilizing conventional WDS in low beam current instruments, the usual choice for low beam energy x-ray spectrometry in high resolution SEMs necessarily becomes the semiconductor energy dispersive spectrometer with a monolithic silicon crystal (Si-EDS).
National contract notice: Scanning electron microscope (sem) + energy dispersive spectrometer (eds)
Solicitation: One(1)year of preventative maintenance service as well as the option for three(3) subsequent years of service on the oxford quote mark inca quote mark x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer (xeds)
The purpose of this contract is the supply, installation and commissioning of operating a scanning electron microscope (SEM) high-resolution field-effect coupled with an X energy dispersive spectrometer.
The subject of the public contract is the supply, installation, staff training and ensuring no warranty and post-warranty service facility consisting of a scanning electron microscope vacuum system adapted to work with samples with low and high water content (bio-applications) and energy dispersive spectrometer for microanalysis of the elemental composition of the analyzed samples .
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