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EMCSEnergy Management Control Systems
EMCSExcise Movement and Control System (European Commission)
EMCSEuropean Modular Cultivation System (ISS/ESA experiment)
EMCSElectromagnetic Compatibility Society (IEEE)
EMCSEsri Managed Cloud Services
EMCSElectronic Movement Control System
EMCSEnergy Monitoring & Control System
EMCSElementary, Middle, Secondary and Continuing Education
EMCSElectromagnetic Compatibility Study
EMCSElectrician's Mate, Senior Chief (USN Rating)
EMCSEnclosed Metal Clad Switchboard
EMCSElectronic Measuring Control System
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Novar's most popular product is the Opus Energy Management Control System, an open-architecture supermarket EMCS capable of integrating and controlling all aspects of a supermarket's HVAC, lighting and refrigeration systems, regardless of make or manufacturer of the equipment being controlled," Weisenberger says.
He said the improvements will include heating and cooling systems, insulation, air-sealing, water conservation, upgraded lighting fixtures and energy management control systems.
You'll find coverage of every component of effective energy management, including energy auditing, economic analysis, boilers, steam systems, cogeneration, waste heat recovery, building envelope, HVAC systems, motors and drives / electric energy management, energy management control systems, lighting, energy systems maintenance, insulation systems, alternative energy, sustainability and high performance green buildings, ground-source heat pumps, indoor air quality, utility rates, thermal energy storage, codes and standards, energy legislation, natural gas purchasing, electric deregulation, financing and performance contracting, commissioning, and measurement and verification.
Improvements could include more efficient equipment, energy management control systems, financial incentive programs for improvements from the utility companies, implementing separate heating and cooling systems within buildings and taking advantage of new technologies.
From industrial-grade power protection solutions to enterprise level energy management control systems, ESP/SurgeX's technology has been entrusted by business leaders worldwide for more than 25 years to protect critical electronic systems and improve productivity and profitability.
In addition, ConEdison Solutions will upgrade existing HVAC controls and ventilation, energy management control systems, and vending machine controls.
During the first six years of the deal, under the contract signed with Ameresco, the reduction in operations spending will allow the County to recover the $3 million spent on new ceilings, lighting systems, energy management control systems, and window replacements.
The Portfolio Analysis - Energy Management Control Systems is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market.
The store uses high-efficiency refrigeration compressors, advanced heating and cooling equipment and special energy management control systems that integrate the building's refrigeration, lighting and climate control systems to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
Included will be improvements to lighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, energy management control systems, water conservation with ozone laundry and cart washing systems, and the central plant with the installation of a summer boiler.
was a privately owned company formed to develop its proprietary intelligent energy management control systems technology for hybrid electric vehicles.
Since its inception, Pepco Services has provided comprehensive building efficiency services including HVAC and lighting retrofits, energy management control systems, water conservation measures, on-site generation and financing to business, institutional and government customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
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