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ENPIEuropean Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument
ENPIEnergy Performance Indicator
ENPIEuropean Neighbourhood Policy Instrument (EU)
ENPIExcess Net Passive Income (taxes)
ENPIEnte Nazionale Prevenzione Infortuni (Italian: National Accident Prevention Body)
ENPIEmerson Network Power India (Mumbai, India)
ENPIEuropean Neutron Polarisation Initiative
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facilities for energy conservation and meet the technical requirements of the Energy Star Plant Energy Performance Indicators.
(2) Energy baseline can be used as energy performance monitoring and system fault diagnosis on the base of its real-time estimation of energy performance indicators.
Energy performance indicators (energy efficiency indicators) are expressed in the form of specific energy consumption, defined as the ratio of energy consumption (in physical units or monetary equivalent of the cost of supply) to the production output (or less common to the quantity of input material).
Responsibility for determining the energy performance indicators typically rests with the energy management representative and may involve other members of the energy team, as well as management.
Energy performance indicators (EnPIs) and energy baselines (EnBs), two interrelated elements addressed in ISO 50001, enable organizations to demonstrate energy performance improvement.
This methodology could be further extended to include energy performance indicators as suggested by Bucking et al.
multi-aspects, context-based) building energy monitoring methodology that factors in appropriate energy performance indicators, information models, and simulation tools, to achieve building energy performance targets.
Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the November release of Energy Performance Analytics (EP-Analytics), a software tool that uses energy performance indicators (EnPI) to track how energy is being consumed in a plant, identifies gaps between EnPI targets and actual performance, and helps to identify countermeasures to improve energy performance.
ISO 50006 on measuring energy performance using energy baselines (EnB) and energy performance indicators (EnPI),
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