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E:PEnergy-to-Protein Ratio (aka E/P)
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Accordingly, dietary energy-to-protein ratio could be unbalanced by energy supplements as they may cause a relative excess of energy when the only source of dietary nitrogen is the forage CP (Detmann et al.
In conclusion, feeding broiler breeders a higher amount of feed due to a higher energy-to-protein ratio resulted in an increased eating time and less stereotypic object pecking behavior what is an indication of reduced hunger and frustration.
Effect of low-protein diets having constant energy-to-protein ratio on performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens from one to thirty-five days of age.
Linear and quadratic effects on the birds' response by reducing both energy and protein at constant energy-to-protein ratio were also estimated by quadratic response model of GLM using Minitab 13.
This result can be explained by the positive effects on nutrient digestibility of the oil used as an energy source, as well as by possible improvement in dietary energy-to-protein ratios.