EngDDoctor of Engineering
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Prof Montague said: "The EngD has been developed entirely in response to industry demand and provides an opportunity for the best engineers and scientists to gain industrial experience and training, while at the same time studying for a research degree within the university.
Our aim is to make the North East a bioprocessing hub to rival the best in the worldINFORMATION To learn more about the BBTC and the EngD programme visit the website at http://www.
The objectives of this project are to: deliver tools to simplify the design and management of scalable FPGA high-performance computers; provide opportunities for education and training by generating course materials and the provision of six EngD student scholarships; facilitate technology transfer, including assistance with porting conventional supercomputing applications to an FPGA-based supercomputer; and promote research in the application of FPGA-based high-performance computing by making facilities available to visiting academics.
uk/postgraduate COURSES AVAILABLE MSc Aerospace Engineering MSc Chemical Engineering MSc Civil Engineering MSc Computational Modelling and Finite Elements MSc Communication Systems MSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering MSc Electronics for Sustainable Energy MSc and MRes Materials Engineering MSc Mechanical Engineering MSc and MRes Nanoscience to Nanotechnology MSc Medical Radiation Physics MRes Computer Modelling in Engineering MRes Environmental Management MRes Steel Process and Product Development EngD Steel Technology PhD and MPhil Engineering degrees available in a range of subjects
The EngD enables some of the best science and engineering graduates to gain a doctorate that combines an industrial research project with professional and technical training.
Currently, Motorola sponsors two full-time MSc students and one EngD student at ISLI.
This may enable the product design engineer to embark on post-graduate study such as an MSc, MEng, EngD or PhD.
Bruce is studying for a doctorate of Engineering (EngD) in the School of Engineering's Materials Research Centre, while James has completed his EngD and is currently Network Officer for the Welsh Composites Consortium, also based in the Centre.