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The system contains a general controller, an engine-generator set, a rectifier, a battery pack, a supercapacitor, the bidirectional DC/DC converter, two driving motors, and two motors' controllers.
4 MW base load and to exclude power requirements for welding areas and variable loads of press shops from the cogeneration power plant, which would continue to be fed by the utility, with a diesel engine-generator as backup.
This program includes a field test that will demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of this advanced engine-generator system.
This Startech Hydrogen can fuel engine-generators to produce 'green electricity.
In other UPS systems with flywheel energy concepts, the back-up engine-generator is directly linked to the system and closely integrated in its operation and control.
The central component in the Entellisys Express system is the MX6000 Visual Engine-Generator Controller, a new microprocessor-based engine-generator controller from GE Zenith Controls.
Waukesha's product line-up includes engines that operate with very low emissions, engine-generator sets designed for combined-heat-and-power applications to squeeze maximum energy out of the fuel they burn, and engines that operate on waste gases such as methane from digesters and landfills.
Shall Have A Cushion Mount Engine-generator On Heavy Steel Base With Vibration Isolators To Reduce Possibilit
The 2+2 grand touring coupe is to be equipped with a Voltec E-REV engine, and will be offered with an electric drive unit powered by a centrally mounted T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack, which can be supplemented with energy created on the fly using a four-cylinder petrol engine-generator.
The power plant, in its first phase, uses four Waukesha 12VAT27GL, spark-ignited, natural gas-fueled engine-generator sets, with plans for a fifth set as the landfill site matures.
An engine-generator from Dresser Waukesha, a leading manufacturer of natural gas engines that deliver clean, cost-effective power, is showcased in the "World's Best Power Plants" feature in the current issue of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide magazine.
To furnish Pierce County (Owner) with five (5) new engine-generator set systems per all the attached terms, conditions,