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EREmergency Room
EREarned Runs (baseball; pitching)
EREntity Relationship
EREnergy Research
EREmployer (IRB)
EREmergency Response
EROffice of Energy Research
EREstrogen Receptor
ERExtended Range (C-17 acquisition program)
ERExtended Range
EREnterprise Resource Planning
EREarly Release
EREvent Registration
EREastern Region
EREducational Research
EREmployment Relations
EREmployee Relations
EREasy Rider (movie)
ERExternal Relations
EREvaluation Report
EREarly Retirement
EREnvironmental Restoration
EREnvironmental Report
EREntre Rios (Argentina Province, airline code)
ERElectronic Records
EREquipment Required
EREndoplasmic Reticulum
ERExtensive Reading
EREvent Rate
EREnergy Rating
EREleanor Rigby (Beatles song)
EREye Relief (optics)
EREquipment Room
EREscape Route
ERExpense Ratio
EREcosystem Restoration
EREducational Researcher (journal)
EREmployee Retention
EREpic Records (record label)
ERElectron Reflectometer
EREcological Reserve
ERElectrical Resistivity
EREastern Railway
ERExternal Rotation
EREvolutionary Robotics
EREmotional Rescue (Rolling Stones album)
ERExpense Report
EREvening Reading (Shacknews)
ERElektra Records (record label)
EREnergy Resolution
EREnhancement Request
EREngineering Report
EREarnings Record
ERExchange Ratio
ERExplicit Routing
ERExplicit Rate (networking)
EREstablished Record
ERExpanded Response
EREnergy Regulator
EREnterprise Requirements
EREnhanced Radiation
EREngineer Regulation
EREfficiency Review
EREstablished Reliability (C-17 acquisition program)
ERExternal Resistance
EREmployee Request
EREquilibrium Reactions
EREngineering Release
ERElectronic Reconnaissance
EREfficient Review
ERExtracellular Release
ERElectricity Report
EREcho Ranging
EREnantiomeric Ratio (chemistry)
ERElectoral Region (UK)
EREngineering Request
EREstimate of Repair
ERDHL Airways, Inc (IATA airline code)
EREnhancement Report
EREffective Roughness
EREternal Rage (Call of Duty gaming clan)
ERExecutive Registrar
EREquipment Requisition
ERExtracting Roots
ERElizabetha Regina (Queen Elizabeth)
ERError Recorder
EREnd Transaction and Retrieve
ERElectronic Requirement
ERExploitation Requirement
ERElite Regions (Ominix gaming)
EREnceinte Réacteur (French: Reactor Chamber)
ERElectrolytic/Electrochemical Refining
EREuro Repuestos SA (Guatemala)
EREvidence Rule
References in classic literature ?
The three islanders swarmed from the tiny forecastle, two of them leaping to the halyards and holding by a single turn, while the third fastened down the engineroom, companion and swung the ventilators around.
And then these three men in the engineroom had the intimate sensation of a check upon the ship, of a strange shrinking, as if she had gathered herself for a desperate leap.
Bruce's Welsh/Senegalese engineroom is likely to be extremely busy at the Bridge to protect a defensive department decimated by injury.
Michael Kirby, "International Law-Down in the Engineroom," (presented to the ANZSIL and ASIL joint conference, Sydney, 26 June 2000), p.
164) from Les Lawler's description of engineroom conditions in Corvette, July 1993, no.
Whether he's working in the engineroom of USS Tarawa (LHA 1) or driving home, MM3 John Dunnegan, like others or board, has a mindset when it comes to safe.
Many of the old liners--formerly the pride of international trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific fleets--have been resurrected, rebuilt, refurbished, renamed, and reengined with new propulsion machinery, state-of-the-art electronic navigation equipment, and engineroom automation.
He also brings a back-rower's appetite for turnovers to the lock position and is the kind of engineroom player who could develop into something special, one who covers ground quickly and is equipped with ball-handling skills.
PROS AND CONS OF BORO'S 4-4-2 For the clash with Preston the boss shored up his misfiring engineroom by pushing Clayton further upfield alongside Howson in an orthodox central duo and the gaps that had appeared down the channels were plugged by wide midfielders.
The serious stuff resumes for the 24-year-old on Saturday when he returns to an engineroom likely to be without the injured James McCarthy.
For the North East there is an opportunity to play a significant part in shaping that vision and also become the engineroom of the proposed powerhouse.