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ETOPSExtended Operations (US FAA)
ETOPSExtended Twin (Engine) Operations
ETOPSEngines Turn(ing) Or Passengers Swim(ming)
ETOPSExtended-Range Twin-Engine Operational Performance Standards
ETOPSExtended Twin-Engine Over-water Operations
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If their engines turn out to be faulty, Hyundai or Kia will replace them with engines that are problem-free.
The engines turn generator sets that produce electricity that is used to power the SWRP.
The FDA found that electronic cigarettes contain diethylene glycol, one of those additives that help car engines turn over.
The engines turn Bruton five-bladed propellers, which are capable of moving the vessels along at up to 26 knots with the equivalent of 99 passengers.
To the Editor: In his letter in the January issue, "Lights Off for Savings," Bill Robba questioned the auto industry's idea of cars and trucks turning on their headlights when their engines turn on.
If people phone in to say there is a fire, the larger predetermined response of fire engines turn out.
The dad-of-two said: "We were in the house but we didn't see or hear anything, then all we seen was the fire engines turn up.
He said: "I'm a few doors away from the house and was watching telly when I heard fire engines turn up.
He is the man who has led the service when the number of incidents at which fire engines turn up late has rocketed.