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Meantime, those of the Puritans who remained in England continued to suffer grievous persecution on account of their religious opinions.
Accordingly, in the month of April, 1630, he left his pleasant abode and all his comforts in England, and embarked, with Lady Arbella, on board of a ship bound for America.
It all happened in the thirteenth century, and while it was happening it shook England from north to south and from east to west; and reached across the channel and shook France.
A power in England, second only to the King himself, and with the heart of a lion in him, he answered the King as no other man in all England would have dared answer him.
It was actually fancied, at that period, that New England might have a John Rogers of her own to take the place of that worthy in the Primer.
Cry not aloud, but pray for the welfare of New England, and expect patiently what the Lord will do in this matter
When that that is come and gone, England build houses of lime and stone, For after wars shall you have none.
So, even as he conquered England by the sword, he conquered our literature too.
There's a part of the United States of North America that used to be known to the ancients as New England," he replied.
The England I refer to was an island off the continent of Europe.
And yet," said the king, "without any manifest authorization, I cannot prevent gentlemen of my states from passing over into England, if such should be their good pleasure.
If England were to act exactly according to my wishes, she could not act better than she does; if I directed the policy of England from this place, I should not direct it otherwise.