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ELSSEnglish (as a 2nd) Language Sunday School
ELSSEquity-Linked Saving Scheme
ELSSEmergency Life Support System
ELSSEmergency Life Support Stores
ELSSEnterprise Lean Six Sigma
ELSSEmitter Location Strike System
ELSSElectronic Support Squadron
ELSSEdens Landing State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
ELSSEnglish Language Support Service (UK)
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Chronological Outlines of English Literature' (Macmillan, $1.
The fact that he wrote in English shows that, for Layamon's Brut is the first book written in English after the Conquest.
But although Layamon wrote his book in English, it was not the English that we speak to-day.
Since your mother is an Englishwoman, why do you not speak English with more facility?
Have the goodness to put French out of your mind so long as I converse with you--keep to English.
Any one who cares to do so might test the validity of those rules in the nearest possible way, by applying them to the varied examples in this wide [6] survey of what has been actually well done in English prose, here exhibited on the side of their strictly prosaic merit--their conformity, before all other aims, to laws of a structure primarily reasonable.
Saintsbury admits, such lines being frequent in his favourite Dryden; yet, on the other hand, it might be maintained, and would be maintained by its French critics, that our English poetry has been too apt to dispense with those prose qualities, which, though not the indispensable qualities of poetry, go, nevertheless, to the making of all first-rate poetry--the qualities, namely, of orderly structure, and such qualities generally as depend upon second thoughts.
But why was it, think ye, that the Samuel Enderby, and some other English whalers I know of --not all though --were such famous, hospitable ships; that passed round the beef, and the bread, and the can, and the joke; and were not soon weary of eating, and drinking, and laughing?
differences between the Indian and the English modes of constructing words; and, having once got a clew to this, he pursued every noun and verb he could think of through all possible variations.
And the smallest, Lily, was bewitching in her naive astonishment at everything, and it was difficult not to smile when, after taking the sacrament, she said in English, "Please, some more.
X always spoke English to Germans, but his plan was to turn the sentence wrong end first and upside down, according to German construction, and sprinkle in a German word without any essential meaning to it, here and there, by way of flavor.
If you are English why is it then that you cannot speak English?