ENIFEndogenous Negative Inotropic Factor
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While you're in Enif's neighborhood, you might as well move 4[degrees] to the northwest and have a look at M15, a tight, bright globular cluster that's spectacular in any scope.
Fiorentino G (1917) Come si seducono le donne: Per Enif Robert, parolibera futurista.
Like other Futurist women, notably Valentine de Saint-Point, Enif Robert and Rosa Rosa, and later men (for example, Fillia), Kuhn was interested in the metamorphosis of gender, and especially in the notion of achieving, through an effort of the mind and will, a kind of virile femininity.
Fomalhaut and Beta ((3) Ceti (also known as Diphda or Deneb Kaitos) are the only stars of 2nd-magnitude or brighter in this region on our map--if we consider the non-aquatic Epsilon (e) Pegasi (Enif) and stars of the Great Square of Pegasus as merely bordering the region.
Molte delle futuriste che collaboravano alla rivista, Enif Robert e Rosa Rosa tra le altre, risposero risentite al libro, innescando una accesa polemica che si protrasse per alcuni numeri.
Most of this criticism has focused on such figures as Valentine de Saint Point, Benedetta and Enif Roberts.
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