ENIGElectroless Nickel Immersion Gold (printed circuit board manufacturing process)
ENIGÉcole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Gabès (French: National Engineering School of Gabes; Gabes, Tunisia)
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Mud cracks are very visible in SEM because they are coated with the ENIG gold plating layer.
Enig (who is a biochemist and nutritionist) and Fallon state that saturated fats in tropical oils are different from those in meat and dairy products, which contain long-chain fatty acids.
En el cuadro 9, comparamos nuestras elasticidades gasto con las calculadas mediante las otras ENIG en Colombia.
Optog is enig in sy soort want uit die neentien digters is vyf swart vrouedigters se werk opgeneem.
Mary G Enig, PhD, an expert in fatty acids, says that a diet rich in lauric acid should contain around 24 grams--the amount found in a daily supply of mother's milk.
Amkor CABGA 208 components, using an ENIG surface finish, were supplied without solder balls.
ENIG (electroless nickel immersion gold), immersion silver, and electrolytic gold over nickel are the most common plated finishes.
EXP # PASTE SURFACE TAL REFLOW NITROGEN TYPE FINISH (sec) PROFILE 1 Sn/Ag/Cu OSP 60 Yes Yes 2 Sn/Ag/Cu OSP 90 No No 3 Sn/Ag/Cu OSP 120 No Yes 4 Sn/Ag/Cu ENIG 60 No No 5 Sn/Ag/Cu ENIG 90 No Yes 6 Sn/Ag/Cu ENIG 120 Yes Yes 7 Sn/Ag/Cu OSP 60 No Yes 8 Sn/Ag/Cu OSP 90 Yes Yes 9 Sn/Ag/Cu OSP 120 No No 10 Sn/Bi OSP 60 No Yes 11 Sn/Bi OSP 90 No Yes 12 Sn/Bi OSP 120 Yes No 13 Sn/Bi ENIG 60 No Yes 14 Sn/Bi ENIG 90 Yes No 15 Sn/Bi ENIG 120 No Yes 16 Sn/Bi OSP 60 Yes No 17 Sn/Bi OSP 90 No Yes 18 Sn/Bi OSP 120 No Yes 19 Sn/Ag OSP 60 No No 20 Sn/Ag OSP 90 Yes Yes 21 Sn/Ag OSP 120 No Yes 22 Sn/Ag ENIG 60 Yes Yes 23 Sn/Ag ENIG 90 No Yes 24 Sn/Ag ENIG 120 No No 25 Sn/Ag OSP 60 No Yes 26 Sn/Ag OSP 90 No No 27 Sn/Ag OSP 120 Yes Yes