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ETFExchange Traded Fund (financial markets; aka Index Shares, Exchange Traded Index Fund)
ETFEscape The Fate (band)
ETFEarly Termination Fee
ETFEuropean Training Foundation (EU)
ETFEmployee Trust Funds
ETFEuropean Transport Workers' Federation
ETFElectronic Funds Transfer (banking industry)
ETFExhibitions and Trade Fairs (Australia)
ETFEmergency Task Force (Toronto)
ETFEurovia Travaux Ferroviaires (French: Eurovia Railway Works)
ETFEmerging Markets Telecommunications Fund (stock symbol)
ETFEnriched Text File
ETFExtensible Terascale Facility
ETFEntrepreneurs de Travaux Forestiers (French: Works of Forest Entrepreneurs)
ETFEngineering Test Facility
ETFElectron Transferring Flavoprotein
ETFEnvironmental Task Force
ETFEuropéenne de Travaux Ferroviaires (French: European Railway Works)
ETFEngine Test Facility
ETFEstimated Time to Fix
ETFEnemy Territory Fortress (game modification)
ETFEnvironmental Transformation Fund (UK)
ETFEstimated Time of Flight
ETFExpendable Trust Fund (various organizations)
ETFEnvironmental Test Facility
ETFEmerging Technologies Fund (various locations)
ETFEffluent Treatment Facility
ETFEastern Task Force (various organizations)
ETFEnron Task Force
ETFEno Transportation Foundation
ETFEnvironmental Technology Facility
ETFEclipse Trust Framework
ETFEuropean Technology Forum
ETFElektrotehnicki Fakultet u Beogradu
ETFEuropean Task Force
ETFEmployer Task Force on Pensions (UK)
ETFEcology Task Force (Los Angeles, CA)
ETFEgoli Tossell Film (production company; Germany)
ETFEmitter Track File (US Air Force)
ETFElectronic Target Folder (US Navy CVN-68)
ETFEndorsement Task Force (Oregon)
ETFElectronic Test Facility
ETFEducation and Training Factor (factor of educational experience; Immigration Canada)
ETFElectrical Test Facility
ETFE-Mail To Fax
ETFEqualized Transfer Function
ETFEngine Torque Factor
ETFElectrical Time Fuze
ETFEncrypted Transmission Failure
ETFElectronic Transfer File
ETFExperimental Transwitching Format
ETFEnlarge to Fit (Kinko's)
ETFElectronic Trip Fare
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The former director of the Enron Task Force has been named as the new chief at the Justice Department's Fraud Section, which is a powerful and instrumental part of the Criminal Division.
The Enron Task Force prosecuting Merrill Lynch executives in the 'Nigerian Barges' case had actually yellow-highlighted statements of key witnesses they knew were favorable to the defense.
While at the Enron Task Force, he was responsible for overseeing the prosecution of 30 defendants.
But his December speech personalized the attack by raising a question about the lead prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, who had left his post with the Enron Task Force in July.
In his letter to visitors, Lay claimed that the Court had "determined that Andrew Weissmann and the Enron Task Force overreached and manipulated the law to get the results it wanted" by "knowingly and intentionally persuad[ing] the Trial Judge to issue faulty instructions.
Emshwiller, Moving the Market: Head of Enron Task Force to Resign; Departure Comes as Group Still Faces Its Biggest Test: The Trial of Lay, Skilling, WALL ST.
His efforts to impugn the credibility of Andy Fastow and other cooperating witnesses who would testify at trial and to call into question the motives of the Enron Task Force in bringing the prosecution prompted the government to seek a gag order prohibiting out-of-court statements before the trial.
He served on the President's Corporate Fraud Task Force and oversaw the Enron Task Force and other major fraud investigations, both within the country and outside, among a host of other responsibilities, according to his biography on the (http://www.